Paleo Style Muesli

My favorite breakfast of all times is muesli. Whenever I go out to breakfast (usually when on vacation), I will never NOT order muesli (aka will always order). In hopes to eat a tad bit healthier at the start of the New Year, I made paleo muesli every day while on break. Instead of oatmeal based, this muesli is coconut based. Very delicious and easy to make — the key is the Bob’s Red Mill Paleo Style Muesli.


Grain free. You just add this with some fruit, cover it with milk, place in fridge and wait until the morning and VOILA, delicious muesli with less carbs.

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Black Rice Pudding

I always love Gwyneth Paltrow cookbooks as they are simple, easy, healthy, and delicious. So when she came out with her newest book, The Clean Plate, a couple weeks ago, I was so excited to try out all the different recipes. And sure enough, everything I make from it is a WIN and I love them all. Randomly this past weekend when it was Arctic temperatures outside and there was nothing to do besides be cooped up and freezing, I decided to make the black rice pudding from her book. It was suuuuuper easy and extremely tasty. I plan to eat it as a dessert or as a hearty winter breakfast or both.




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Grizzlies Aunt Maple’s Crunchy Granola

My favorite food in the world for any meal or snack is granola. And not any granola, but granola from Grizzlies who just happens to be from my hometown of Eugene, Oregon. This granola is THE MOST AMAZING GRANOLA IN THE WORLD. It has the perfect amount of sweetness, chunks, flavor, and nuts. The granola, Aunt Maple’s Crunchy Granola, is a staple at all the grocery stores in Oregon. But guess what — they ship! In the past, I have always requested (demanded) that my parents ship it to me (along with my favorite Oregon coffee). But now, I go straight to the source and order a 5 pound bag from Grizzlies website. I am apparently a grown up now.


One of the many canisters that are filled with my beloved granola. It is like precious gold to me. Only true granola snobs can eat it — which in my family is me and my daughter.

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The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

I have never been good at making the perfect hard boiled egg, so thanks to my good friend Katie Kaiser, I now know how to make them. Thanks Katie for the guest blog post!



I’ve developed this method over the years combining tips and tricks I’ve read or heard about from various sources. The trick is four simple principles:

* Eggs that are room temperature and not too fresh

* Baking soda in the water – it somehow helps separate the internal lining of the shell from the boiled white of the egg

* EXACT timing in two segments (on heat and off)

* Ice bath immediately after boiling


All you need are eggs and baking soda. But here is the first tip: if the eggs are too fresh, they will be harder to peel. Eggs about a week old are usually perfect. You also want them room temperature.


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Ellenos Greek Yogurt

Last week when I was at the grocery store (my favorite hobby –> grocery shopping), I came across a new-t0-me product, Ellenos Greek Yogurt. It looked delicious and I liked the packaging, so I decided to buy one to try. At checkout, the clerk said to me “This stuff is crack. I have never done crack, but this stuff is what I imagine crack to be like, and once you start, you cannot stop.” I giggled and moved on.


Well what do you know, this stuff REALLY IS CRACK AND I CANT STOP EATING IT.  Addictive, rich, amazing, delicious, and smooth. Currently, it is only sold at Whole Foods and random locations on the West Coast, but mark my word, this stuff will soon be sold everywhere in the United States — guaranteed. It is unlike any other yogurt I have ever tasted and really feels like a dessert more than anything.


Why buy one flavor when you can buy four?

Why buy one flavor when you can buy four?

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Superhero Muffins

As I mentioned last week, my new favorite cookbook is “Run Fast Eat Slow” by Olympian Shalane Flanagan — I literally can’t get enough of it.  My most recent obsession is the “Superhero muffins,” as I have made four batches in the past two weeks (no joke). They are moist, filling, sweet, delicious, and healthy. And refined-sugar and gluten free.  And they make you feel like a superhero.


Run Fast. Eat Slow. (Not Run Slow, Eat Fast).

Run Fast. Eat Slow. (Not Run Slow, Eat Fast). Basically, all you need in life is a stick of butter and some veggies.

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Flap Jacked Muffins

For someone who likes to push myself physically, I often get lazy with cooking breakfast. I have normal routines of smoothies, yogurt and granola, but I always crave more protein and less carbs. So, when I found the perfect protein packed muffin, I was instantly sold. Tastes like pure carbs (my favorite), but packed with protein (it makes you JACKED — get the name) and probiotics. CHA-CHING.


Mighty muffins!

Mighty muffins by Flap Jacked.

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Jar Bar NYC

As someone who loves almond milk, berries, nut butters, and oatmeal, I am officially hooked on Jar Bar NYC. What is it? It’s a jar of a healthy parfait / overnight oats and chia seeds made with healthy ingredients (read: no dairy) — the perfect breakfast, snack, or dessert. This mom-and-pop-shop makes the goods at home and delivers them throughout NYC.


Box of goodies

Box of goodies — ordered a pack of 5, and within five days, they were gone. Every last stinking spoonful of heaven.

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Healthy Banana Muffins

A GP lover, I was on a mission to make the Jumbo Banana Muffins from Goop over the weekend, and boy, did they turn out amazing. GP knows what she is doing (or her staff does). Healthy — refined sugar free and gluten free — these muffins will be a huge hit in your office / home / belly. These moist, gooey muffins have an almond butter filling — an extra special yummy surprise in the middle.

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Healthy Morning Glory Muffins

Even Ken thinks that they are tasty (hard critic!).


Every time I am at Whole Foods, I end up picking up a “Morning Glory” Muffin to snack on. Both my daughter and I love them:  sweet, moist, and healthy.  So I decided to bake a batch of them myself! After scouring the internet to find the recipe that suited my taste, here is the one I found on I modified them slightly and love the result! They are refined-sugar free, gluten-free (because I used gluten-free flour), and nutrient packed!

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Grizzlie’s Granola

Best Granola Ever. I am addicted and obsessed with granola and this is HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE brand. No other type of granola comes close to this heavenly bowl of goodness! For the past several years (at least 5 years, or even more!), my dear mother in Eugene, Oregon, has been sending me boxes of this granola from the bin in our local grocery store (which is ten times better than any Whole Foods) to New York City. I never knew that it was sold elsewhere! Until I found it in a random Korean Deli Store in Upper Manhattan. It was startling, exhilarating, and life changing! Grizzlie’s Granola — Aunt Maple’s Crunchy Granola — the best of the best.


Heaven in a bag

Heaven in a bag

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Homemade Granola Bars

As the self proclaimed Granola Queen (both in terms of the noun “granola” and the verb “granola”), I have played around with making granola bars. This granola bar is a winner. It takes under 30 minutes, requires no baking, has no sugar (unless you count honey and/or dates as sugar), and is delicious (obviously). MAKE ‘EM!




Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.14.38 PM

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Aloha! Dried Green Juice! Aloha!




I am hooked on this dried green juice. Not only do I love the packaging (so modern and cool) but the product itself is a winner. At first, I was terrified of drinking it — 14 healthy, natural, organic ingredients — so healthy that even I was a little worried. BUT I WAS WRONG. This powder is GOLD (well, it’s green, but you know….).  What’s in it?

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Mu Mu Muesli

As a sucker for all granola, I am also obsessed with muesli. Although very similar, they are not the same thing. Both granola and muesli contain oats, fruits and nuts, but muesli is raw, whereas granola is baked. People enjoy muesli like they do granola (served with milk, sprinkled over yogurt, drowned in kefir) or they soak it overnight (in milk or yogurt) to create a cool, porridge-like consistency. Both of my parents (foreign born) eat muesli almost every morning (except for Saturdays when Papa Proskurowski makes his famous omelet) so I have been around different forms of muesli all my life. And Mu Mu Muesli, my friends, is one of the best. The best.


mu mu

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Quinoa Granola

Since I love granola, quinoa, and making granola, I thought trying out a recipe for quinoa granola would be a no-brainer. If you have been out of the health loop in the past several years, quinoa is considered to be a super food and one of the most healthy ingredients out there. It is protein packed, full of fiber, rich in magnesium, high in iron, and is overall magical. I first read a recipe for quinoa granola in Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook, but it took me months to find “quinoa flakes.” Once I found them, I was ready to go. And let me tell you…. quinoa granola is heavenly, light, sweet, crunchy and perfection.



Quinoa Flakes!

Quinoa Flakes!

* 1/2 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

* 1/2 cup of maple syrup

* 3 cups of quinoa flakes

* 1 cup of shredded coconut

* 1/2 cup of sliced almonds

* sea salt

* 1/2 cup of chopped dates


* Preheat oven to 400 degrees

* In a bowl, whisk together the olive oil and the maple syrup.

I do not recommend linking the whisk / spoon after this combination.

I do not recommend licking the whisk / spoon after this combination.

* Then, add the quinoa flakes and mix, followed by the coconut and almonds.

Kinda like cookie dough?

Kinda like cookie dough?

* On a parchment paper lined pan, spread the mixture out evenly. Place in the oven for 20-25 minutes, stirring occasionally and checking to make sure it is not burned.

Lined up evenly.

Lined up evenly.

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Love breakfast food. Love. Cereal, oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, granola, yogurt, and especially muesli. My parents are good ‘ol Europeans and like to eat Muesli most mornings for breakfast. They simply add the flakes with buttermilk or kefir, and devour it. While I like that version, once I discovered the true way to make museli, I fell head over heels in love. WATCH OUT KEN.


* Swiss muesli flakes

* Some type of milk

* Some types of fruit (I like raspberries, apple, banana, blueberries)


You can really put any fruit and liquid with the flakes to make a delicious muesli.


* Easy peasy. Place all of the fruit into a cup.

* Cover the fruit layer with muesli.

* Cover the fruit-muesli with milk.

* Store in fridge for 1-24 hours. THIS IS KEY. The muesli flakes expand and soak up the liquid, forming an oatmeal textured smooth bite.

Grating an apple really just juices it....oh and a half a banana adds some sweetness and depth to the muesli, too.

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