Sea Glass in France

As I have mentioned before, I love searching for sea glass. It is almost an obsession — once I start, I cannot stop. It is SO satisfying and so fun — I love everything about it. Right now, I am in the South of France, and NO ONE collects sea glass — in fact, when I do it, everyone comes up to me and asks what I am looking for and what I am going to do with it — and because of the fact that there is no one collecting it, there is SO much sea glass. It is awesome!!!! And I came up with an idea what to do with the sea glass and I am so excited!!!!


For the past 4 days, every morning after my run, I spend 10-30 minutes looking for some sea glass. Yes, very flattering photo. But I wanted proof of the fact that I was in my running gear, walking on a rocky beach, spending time looking for these little jewels.

We also go out in the afternoon to look for them. More eyes, more sea glass!

This is what I collected in a span of 2 minutes. Look at ALL the colors and variation.

This in a span of 30 minutes! (I had to bribe Cruzzie to come with us — he has no interest — with the possibility of getting ice cream, hence the 10 euro bill in my bag).

This is what we collected in two days.

So I finally put it in a big big bowl. NOW, I put it in plastic bags separating the colors, because I became obsessed with separating the colors each time, and that was a big waste of time.


When we return to the US next week, I have an idea of what to do with the sea glass as an art project and I am so excited. It might be a huge royal flop since I have never done such a thing, but STAY TUNED! I can’t wait to try!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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Currently Loving – Menorca Edition

So much to love on the island of Menorca! Here is what I loved on Menorca during our two week stay. (And if you are thinking about visiting Menorca –DO IT!)


1. Beaches


So many different types of beaches! I loved them all. Rustic, small, popular, chaotic, lounge chairs — every style, I loved.

I loved this beach with the hike.

Can you believe this water?

So much fun in the water. The kids would literally spend the day in it.


2. Watching Soccer


Nothing like watching the Euro Cup with the country playing the game! Went to a Spanish bar for Spain vs. Germany. Loved it all.

Also, loved watching soccer at the house.


3. Random Spanish Food


I am a sucker for any type of chip — and any unique special flavor chip, sign me up. Roasted Red Pepper — LOVED!

Fried squid — so delicious! And sardines.


4. Beach Fruit


I loved that there were always people on the beach selling fruit — coconuts, mangos, pineapples, watermelons. All so delicious!

We had to have different ones at all the different beaches.



5. Beach Bar


Fruit on the beach is great, but this bar on a HIKE to the beach is even better!


6. Crochet Top


I bought this crochet top for 20 dollars! No brand, no name, probably will last 5 wears, but I love it!


7.  Space Invaders in Menorca

We sat down for dinner and LOW AND BEHOLD, we saw a real life Space Invader!

It was like we won the jackpot. Actually, we did win the jackpot.


8. Straw Bag


Other than my 20 dollar crochet top, this was my only purchase in Menorca. A small straw bag. Tusia and I are both obsessed.

It was from this store and everything in the store was absolutely amazing! Wish I had more time to browse through it — but we were in a rush to meet the rest of the crew (I.e. my parents, Ken and Cruzzie) so we didn’t have time to shop!



What are you loving this month? Do share! Hope you are all having a restful July!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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Satellite Repairs – Denim

Last month when I was packing for the summer, I found one of my beloved denim summer jumpsuits to pack. The problem was that it felt a little more risque and showed too much skin than I felt the need to at the ripe age of 45. So through the referral from a friend, I was introduced to Evie, who repairs denims.


Photo from 2020 — I love this R13 denim jumpsuit — one of the perfect summer outfits. But I never liked that it went up on the thighs. (and oh — my ankle injury — thank god I don’t have that now!)

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Gigi Burris Sun Hat

Early June, when I was at my sister-from-another-mister’s beach house, she had the perfect sun hat on. It checked all the boxes — cute, easy, stylish, and protected your face from the sun! I knew it was the hat that I needed for the summer. So, I copied her, and bought it — the Requiem Zig Zag Ocean Hat from Gigi Burris — and I love it so much. SO happy she did all the research and found the PERFECT HAT. Thank you, BK. Trust me — this hat is THE 10/10 best Summer hat of all Summer hats.


Side view from afar.

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Eternelle Notre-Dame

Another fun new activity to do in Paris, is to go to the virtual reality experience of Etenerlle Notre-Dame. Due to the fire of 2019, Notre-Dame is currently closed for renovations. Because of this, they created an experience in the plaza next door to the Notre-Dame that gives the history, details, and walk through of the historical church. 10/10 recommend — incredible experience.


Located right next door to the Notre-Dame, few people actually know of this experience. We purchased tickets online beforehand, but you can just walk up right now because of its newness.

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Space Invaders

Last week, I went to Paris with my two kids, and last minute, added two of Cruzzie’s friends. Initially, I had no plans, so it was a mad dash trying to figure out what to do with four kids solo and how to make it fun for everyone. Normally, I just like to walk around all day with no real plans, but I knew that that would be harder with four kids. Thankfully, I had a dear friend who told me about an app “Flash Invaders” which helps you track the space invaders — tile mosaics all over Paris buildings made by a certain French artist, an Unidentified Free Artist that goes by Invader.


First go to the App Store and download this app, Promise you, it is so fun! Addicting, actually.

Everyday, we walked for miles. Literally, 8-12 miles per day. Even though the kids complained, we all enjoyed searching for invaders.

These were all fake invaders. You would scan them, and they would register the GPS, the photo, and tell you the point value and add them to your collection, if real.

Walking. And yes, this time, we would walk to certain places. Not just walking for the sake of walking.

I loved this Invader. She was HUGE.

I also loved this one — the tiny one in the corner — an invader with a French flag, and with the Eiffel Tour, I loved the viewpoint.

This Queen of Elizabeth was a fake — see how hard to tell the difference — you actually can’t!

We ended up getting 49 in total (here are 45 of them). Highly suggest and they are actually world wide!


Reminder to always look up, see the sights, and pay attention to all the details!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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Photo Albums

I posted about Poppie Press two and a half years ago in 2022, but I love the albums so much, I have to post about them again! They are so amazing and just make me so happy (and if you are anything like me, they will make you happy, too!). Family photo albums of that year put together in one beautiful album. There is nothing I love more than family, photos, and being organized!


My collection so far! And I have made made them since 2014 but they are in the works!

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American Trench Retro Socks

Twice in the past week, I have bought from my targeted instagram ads. Yes, I was that person that actually clicked on the ad, and sure enough, I bought it. That said, I love them so much, that I feel like I need to tell you all about them. And yes, they are not cheap, and you can probably find a better deal somewhere else (do share with me when you find good knock offs), but in the meantime, I am loving these American Trench Retro socks.


Retro stripe socks!!! I die over all the colors!

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Suzie Kondi x One of Twelve

One of my favorite wardrobe staple brands is Suzie Kondi. Not only do I live in her velour sweatpants, but also in her striped tanks and tees. So when she came out with a partnership with One of Twelve, I jumped on the bandwagon. And I am so happy — I love my handwoven bag!!!! One of Twelve, is a women-led initiative helping women in Papua New Guinea through the creation of beautiful, one-of-a-kind Bilums — handwoven bags made using twisting and looping without knots (I want to learn how to do this!)


They are one of a kind bags — all of them are so cool that I couldn’t decide on which one to get.

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Paris Biggest Croissants

The morning of Tusia’s birthday, we went on a hunt for the biggest Pain Au Chocolate / Croissant in the city. I had done some research and found that it was 1.5 miles from the apartment. So, that is what we did. We walked, we looked, and we HUNTED for the croissant. Thankfully, our scavenger hunt worked out, and we got it. It surpassed our expectations and highly recommend everyone do this on their next Parisian Adventure. The croissant is from Philippe Continci and it was not just beautiful to look at it, but incredibly delicious. We kept asking how something THIS big, could be so flaky, light and tasty. 10/10 recommend.



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Paris Dogs

The first day we arrived in Paris, Tusia and I noticed that there were so many dogs walking around. The dogs and their owners looked SO more chic than the dogs of NYC (or the States in general), so we decided to document them and it was so fun! Take a look at these photos — not only are the dogs so cute (and the owners and their style, too) but the background and scenes of Paris, OH MY, I love.


Heels to walk the dog, love it.

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Currently Loving Paris Edition

Went on a quick 3 day trip to Paris last week to celebrate Tusia’s 12th birthday and there are so many highlights from the trip! Here is what I loved from Paris last week (and will always love)


1. The Random Street Art


is there anything more beautiful than art all over the streets of Paris? I could spend days just looking at the walls along the streets!

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Big Sur / Carmel Weekend

A week ago, I traveled to Northern California to complete my 22nd marathon. There were a lot of changes going in to the weekend, as the landslide on Highway 1 had affected the route of The Big Sur Marathon, and also impacted our hotel stay. After many bumps and turns, the marathon ended up happening and it was truly a great weekend — the run, the company, and the nature.


I landed on Friday at SFO and was picked up by my bestie, sister from another mister, who is truly the best caretaker and friend in the world. She took care of me by rubbing my feet, making me electrolyte water, and cooking up these delicious pancakes for breakfast. She is truly Martha Stewart 2.0.

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Enamor-Art Hat

When we were in Mexico over Spring Break, I saw a straw hat that I couldn’t stop thinking about. I knew the minute I saw it, that I wanted to get it, but I always like to make sure I REALLY want something before I actually buy it. But sure enough, I could NOT stop thinking about it, so now I have a hat from Enamor-Art Hat and I love it!


I loved everything about it — but especially the neon pink and the metallic silver.

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Currently Loving #2 April 2024

The days are long, the weeks are short, but here we are to almost May! So much has happened this month — mainly, going back to school (and teaching) after Spring Break, a cross country tip to visit schools, a family medical situation, more work, more rain, more running, more forgetfulness. Not sure what happened, but the month went WOOSH by. Now, I am getting ready to plan for summer, go BACK to the west coast for a marathon, finish up the school year, and all the other normal busy end of the year obligations. So apologies for the sporadic posts, I am committed to being more consistent going forward. And here is what I am currently loving:


1. Flowers in NYC


Nothing beats the flowers in the city in Springtime. My favorite thing is to look at the difference stages of all the tulips along Park Avenue, the various magnolia, cherry trees, the violets, the pansies, all the bright colors and smells. LOVE.

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Merci Montecito

Last weekend. Cruzzie and I spent the weekend in Montecito / Ojai / Los Angeles AKA HEAVEN. All three of those places are my favorite places in the world — they are beyond beautiful and I just love the area so much. So when coming home, I knew I needed to bring a piece of Montecito with me. This trip, it meant cookie dough from Merci — the best coffee, cafe, food (but let’s be honest, everything in Montecito is “the best,” because, truly, it is. But yes, back to cookie dough, yes, I traveled across the country with cookie dough, and lord, was it worth it.


Ah, California. I love you so much.

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Taylor Swift Pajamas

Instagram ads finally got me! I bought my FIRST instagram targeted ad purchase — and I couldn’t be any happier. TAYLOR SWIFT PAJAMAS. Yep, Instagram is smart!!!!!! I know, I know, I know, not Natori Pajamas (Natori pajamas are the best — other than these), but somehow I have to convince my mother-in-law to make Taylor Swift pajamas. Until then, these are amazing, and I love everything about them: cute, great price, comfy, and current!


Taylor! And yes, I had to get them for my daughter, too! I couldn’t resist. She is an XS (too big but whatever!) and I got a S for myself. We are both huge fans of the pajamas (and TSwift, too!)

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Spring Break 2024 Highlights

Sunday Scaries ending Spring Break is REAL. We are ALL feeling it……the two week break went by in a flash, or was so long, did it even really happen? Well, here we are! Monday, April 1st! Back to school (for the kids, and for me!) and so here are the highlights of the past two weeks where we traveled and explored. We were fortunate enough to have three legs — Skiing in Oregon with my parents, Mexico beach vacation the 4 of us, and then ending up in Palm Beach with just me and the kiddos. Here are the highlights:




Cross Country skiing with my parents everyday, while Ken took the kids downhill. I no longer downhill but the kids love it (and Ken is a great dad to take them every day to ski together), but I much prefer the exercise, nature, silence, and togetherness of cross country. Especially with my parents!

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Currently Loving March 2024

And here we are! March! This is what I am currently loving (of course also longer days, more sunlight, sparkling water, hot showers, etc)…


1.  Hot Cocoa from Glace


A TikTok trend of Smores hot cocoa at a cute (and small) boutique on Madison Avenue. Worth it! VERY VERY sweet but so fun and different (especially on a cold, snowy day, like we treated ourselves to these on).

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Brooklyn Museum

I have been dying to go to the Brooklyn Museum’s newest exhibition (Alicia Keys and Swiss Beatz Private Art Collection) since it opened three weeks ago. So this past Saturday, in a crazy rainy downpour, I ventured to Park Slope to see it. It took one hour by the  subway, got absolutely sopping wet, had issues with my tickets, lost my umbrella, and STILL found it worth it.


OY was it rainy!!! You had to check in your umbrellas — meaning, you couldn’t bring them in to the museum. Unfortunately, the check in for the coat check was SO ABSURD that I left my umbrella in a corner (a risk) and lost it (dumb me). Which meant, that my trek home on the subway was even more wet, long, and smelly than it was coming to the museum. OY!

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Flowers! I love every type of flower — real, in nature, picked, fake, photo, drawing — any and every type of flower. And in the past week, I have had three new flower encounters that I want to share!


1. Fotografiska Exhibit “Human / Nature – Encountering Ourselves in the Natural World”


I loved all the different art work in this exhibit, but I especially loved the Lewis Miller Flash Flower Photos — as I have seen most of them in person and love everything about them.

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