Paleo Style Muesli

My favorite breakfast of all times is muesli. Whenever I go out to breakfast (usually when on vacation), I will never NOT order muesli (aka will always order). In hopes to eat a tad bit healthier at the start of the New Year, I made paleo muesli every day while on break. Instead of oatmeal based, this muesli is coconut based. Very delicious and easy to make — the key is the Bob’s Red Mill Paleo Style Muesli.


Grain free. You just add this with some fruit, cover it with milk, place in fridge and wait until the morning and VOILA, delicious muesli with less carbs.

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Saltine Cookies


For those of you who have been reading the blog for a long time (first, huge THANK YOU!), then you have already seen this post. But I can’t help myself and need to include it again because these holiday treats are SO VERY DELICIOUS and addictive. And if you are new to the blog (welcome, and thank you!), enjoy the very best cookie / goodie / chocolate heaven / salty-sweet-thang. Hands down, the best holiday treat. And because you will not be able to stop at just one cookie (or ten of them), better get started on your holiday workout.

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Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Even with Thanksgiving behind us, there is no such thing as TOO much pie! Especially pie from Four & Twenty Blackbirds. Located in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn (439 3rd Avenue), this pie shop was founded in 2010 by sisters and pie makers Melissa and Emily Elsen. And my oh my, do they know how to bake! So scrumptious and delicious. So many choices to choose form.


Outside the pie shop with old school gothic lettering.

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