Synful Eats

At the very start of the summer, I was at a friend’s house where she served a plate of the most delicious cookies I had ever eaten. The cookies were all broken in to pieces which made it very easy to eat and sample all the different flavors. Each cookie was better than the last and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. Or eating them. They were BEYOND. Thankfully, these cookies, Synful Eats, can be bought in NYC / Hamptons — and hopefully soon nationally. They are the next Levain Cookies — top quality, incredible combinations, the best ingredients. I can’t wait to see what this company does next — and until then, I will continue to support (and eat!) these unbelievably tasty cookies.


Since it is local delivery, the cookies arrive in the most beautiful pink box and bag. Even the box is perfection.

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Blossr Flowers

Sadly, one of my favorite flower companies in New York City is no longer in business. The Groh, which was hands down, my favorite flower place that delivered fresh flowers to my apartment every Monday, has shut down, a victim of the effects of COVID on the economy. I know it sounds silly — but The Groh was phenomenal. Everything about it — it was set up to be a middle man, so instead of me trekking down to the flower district, The Groh would go, and then bundle them up and deliver them to my house. It was waaaaaaay cheaper than a typical florist, and waaaaaay easier than me doing the leg work (yes, spoiled). I loved it so much and miss it already. So after hours searching for some kind of replacement for my Monday joy, I came across Blossr. It is a minimalist flower delivery service that sends flowers on (and only on) Friday. There are not many options, but man, are they gorgeous. I love them so much and I can’t wait to use them again.


Pink Anthuriums. Don’t they look fake???? So gorgeous and unusual.

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OurHarvest – Organic Grocery

Every September when I move back from the West Coast, I make a list of Fall goals. Every year, I say that I am going to go to the Farmers Market to get fresh, local produce, fruit, and any other random goodies. And yet, every year, I fail miserably and never make it to one.


Way back when, Good Eggs, existed. But that was short lived in NYC and didn’t last long (and it didn’t deliver to the Upper East side of Manhattan). So I was thrilled when I randomly came about (via instragram stories, nonetheless) OurHarvest. It is an online New York farmer’s market and gourmet grocery with local, farm-fresh, organic ingredients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Long Island. It has existed in NYC since 2014, and even though I am late to the game, I am  so thrilled to have found it NOW! IT IS AMAZING bold italic exclamation point. It is coined Manhattan’s Farmers Market, and I get it. It is a farmers market that delivers throughout Manhattan. GENIUS.


The prices are good, the selection incredible, and the products themselves are the best. And the online platform is super easy, beautifully laid out, and great to work with (unlike instacart which I hate with all my might). There is so much to choose from and everything is fresh and local. You can get meat, fish, dairy, produce, fruit, pantry items, baked goods. Anything and everything.


I can’t get to a store without getting a fake sweet. Meaning, I love dessert, but want to curb my sweets so anytime there is a date sweetened goodie, I am a sucker for it.

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Urban Remedy

A couple of weeks ago when we got back to NYC after our summer out west, I knew that my schedule was going to be demanding and all-over-the-place (what’s new?). I knew that I didn’t want to eat cereal / protein bars / kids leftovers for my quick lunches, so as a solution, I ordered a kit from Urban Remedy, a new line of raw, ready-to-eat snacks, meals, cold-pressed juices and energy boosting tinctures. Not only were the meals fresh and healthy, but they were unbelievably tasty.  I’m ready to place my next order!


US open

Yes, part of my “crazy busy schedule” was me watching tennis with my father. But it is family bonding time, right? Urban Remedy turned out to be the perfect travel meals/snacks.

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Jar Bar NYC

As someone who loves almond milk, berries, nut butters, and oatmeal, I am officially hooked on Jar Bar NYC. What is it? It’s a jar of a healthy parfait / overnight oats and chia seeds made with healthy ingredients (read: no dairy) — the perfect breakfast, snack, or dessert. This mom-and-pop-shop makes the goods at home and delivers them throughout NYC.


Box of goodies

Box of goodies — ordered a pack of 5, and within five days, they were gone. Every last stinking spoonful of heaven.

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Lou Malnati’s Pizza

I am a pizza lover. I might even go out on a limb and say that I am a both a pizza fanatic and snob. I love pizza and could eat it every night for dinner, but it has to be good pizza. Not the type of pizza that they serve at kids’ birthday parties (barf) or the kind that is soggy / too thick / bad sauce / overly cheesey / greasy, etc….  But once I find a pizza I like, I am a devoted fan. My favorite pizza places in NYC are hands down: Marta and Rubirosa. But when I can’t get to those restaurants (my husband isn’t a fan of eating pizza for dinner — he prefers it for lunch or a snack — one of our few conflicts), I love a frozen pizza. NOT JUST ANY FROZEN pizza, but Lou Malnati’s Pizza.



Lou. We love you Lou.

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After a feud with Fresh Direct last week (where I promised that I would never use their site again! And I am holding to that promise!), I suddenly found myself in a bind. Seriously — without Fresh Direct, how was I going to do a million things and be efficient / organized / get my food if I didn’t use them?  I love grocery shopping – love – but most weeks I unfortunately don’t have the extra time to go myself or with the family.  Below is my email to Fresh Direct…

My email to Fresh Direct, aka Monopoly of Delivery Groceries in NYC and SUCK

… sharing

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Daily Harvest Smoothie Delivery NYC

Call me lazy, but sometimes I would rather pay $10 for a smoothie than find all the ingredients and make it myself. It sounds lazy, but finding the various ingredients, then washing, chopping, measuring them all = too much effort. So what do you know, there is a service (currently only offered in New York City) which delivers packs of frozen fruit / vegetable combinations so you can MAKE your own smoothies without the hassle. And it’s way cheaper than buying smoothies at a store.  Ah-mazing, right? Daily Harvest, thank you.



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I always learn about the coolest and newest products from friend and contributing editor, Ali Berlin. So, no surprise, that Ali has found my newest obsession. Thanks, Ali, take it away!

OMilk is by far my favorite milk ever.  It is made from NUTS, is thick and creamy, sweet and fresh and is made with care, love and mastery right here in Brooklyn.  I don’t drink dairy milk but even when I did, it always left me wanting something different. OMilk hits the spot.

OM milk

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Blue Apron Food Delivery

Although I love to cook, I get stuck in my own routine of cooking only a handful of meals. I am bored of my own repertoire, so I can only imagine what my meat-potato-husband thinks of my crunchy-green-leaf-dominated limited offerings. But I think I have found a solution: Blue Apron to the rescue!

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a service that sends you the ingredients and recipes of three delicious meals a week. You pick meat/fish versus vegetarian, they prepare the recipes and the portions, send you the fresh ingredients and deliver it to your door. Ridiculously awesome. All you have to do is COOK the food, and VOILA, an amazing-wholesome-fresh meal for you and your family to eat!

Perfectly balanced meal.

Perfectly balanced meal.

The weekly subscription (that you can cancel at any point — or skip for a week or 9) can be delivered to most states in the Northeast (Santa Claus year round!) They deliver to: CT, DC, DE, IL, IN, KY, MA, ME, MD, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, TN, VA, VT, WV and in some parts of AL, AR, GA, IA, MI, MO, MS, NC, SC, WI. Basically, half the United States. Brilliant. The food comes tightly packaged in a box with ice to keep the ingredients fresh and intact. Then, you place the items in the fridge, plan out the weekly meals, and relax.

Insulated box, fed-ex over night shipped.

Insulated box, fed-ex over night shipped.



The weeks worth of ingredients.

The week’s worth of ingredients. The produce is whole, the meat and fish is uncooked, and there are not any (or very few) processed ingredients, so you KNOW you are eating fresh and in-season produce and meat. Dream come true.

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Welcome, ZEN!

This past Friday, May 11th at 11:19 pm, Zoe Esther Natori entered this world (12 days before her due date)! What a wonderful surprise and start to my mother’s day weekend.

Last shot

This was the last shot of my belly pre-birth. Why hello, belly.

Four days before, I had to get all glammed up to attend the Orchestra of St. Luke’s Gala in honor of my beautiful mother-in-law. I felt far from pretty, but I was able to put on a nice dress, some make up and hair, and attend the event.


Party on.

The next several days, I was in and out of a state of anxiety, pain, and calm. I knew that Baby Girl was going to enter the world sooner rather than later. I had contractions here and there, visited the doctor, and knew that things were well on their way. I was so ready to have the baby out of my belly, but so not ready to have the baby in reality. I rushed around with a massive to do list (a lot of the tasks admittedly unimportant, but I HAD to get them done… I am totally OCD). My last day of work was Wednesday. Thursday, I was convinced the baby was coming. But no baby. So Friday, I thought there was no way that the baby was coming.

Friday, I had lunch with a friend (at Le Pain, of course), sat on the median on Park Avenue to enjoy the sunshine, played with Cruzzie in his crib, and tutored. It was during my tutoring session that things changed. Like, my water broke. Hello pee in my pants while tutoring. Water on the chair, water on my pants, it was awesome. After my little tutoree left the apartment, the HOLY CRAP moment set in, and I freaked out. It was 5 pm on a Friday — meaning, the doctor’s office was closed, Cruzzie was at a playdate, and Ken was at work. I was in a state of total and utter panic. Finally, I got through to my doctor, who told Ken and I to meet her at the hospital.

Park Avenue

I know, totally weird, but I actually like to sit in between the lanes of traffic on Park Avenue (on the sidewalk in the middle of the avenue). I just stare at people walking by, the cars, the taxis, and think. It might not be nature, but it is fresh air. So it does a body good.

New York Presbyterian Hospital. I have always been amazed by the rooms, service, and staff. I have had great nurses both deliveries -- and we have kept in touch with all of them. Remarkable people.

After talking to my doctor, I waited for Cruzzie to come home. I was a mess with tears everywhere. He started to cry and we just held each other. My little monkey helped calm me even through the tears. He told me he loved me, kissed me “Mama sad, now Mama happy,” and I left as soon as Ken got back from work. I was scared to leave Cruz, but happy to know that I was about to produce something as wonderful and amazing as he is. Another life was about to happen….It was deja vu all over again — same time of the night when I went to the hospital to give birth to Cruz.

So here I was, Friday night, 5:30 pm, checking in to the hospital with Ken to have a baby. Rockin Friday night.

Friday date night at the finest.

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