The White Moustache Date Yogurt

I am fully 100% addicted to The White Moustache Date yogurt. It is unlike anything I have ever tried and I will climb mountains, swim across oceans, run hundreds of miles — anything — to get to this yogurt.  Made in Hudson Valley, NY, this yogurt is made with love, care, and exceptional quality ingredients — you can tell both in the cost of the jar ($6.50 per jar) and taste. It is far superior to generic brand yogurt bought in the grocery store — and is worth every penny.


I always am in shock when I spent $20 on three jars of yogurt — but then when I taste it, I am so happy. It is worth it.

Top flavor by far is date, but I love sour cherry as a second option.

Small batch.

Look at how creamy and intense it is!!!

I crave it when I am nowhere that sells it!

What a perfect time in life (#2020, and now #2021), to eat a decadent breakfast every morning….The White Moustache is currently sold in Manhattan (Citarella, Fresh Direct), Brooklyn, Los Angeles. If you don’t live in any of these places, reach out to The White Moustache — sometime in the near future they will be selling more nationally.


Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Hi there – White Moustache is actually handmade in Brooklyn- Red Hook, to be exact – not the Hudson Valley 🙂

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