Penzeys Spices

A true sign of a friend is when you receive a gift that shows that they are listening (which believe it or not, people don’t tend to do these days) to your stories. Several months ago, I nauseatingly bored my bestie to death with the fact that I had recently cleaned out the kitchen of our Pound Ridge home, and had thrown out 3 garbage bags worth of spices from 1985. So last weekend, when we visited Pound Ridge, I was astonished to find a huge present from my friend containing SPICES. To anyone else, this might seem like a whoa, cool, gift. But to me, it was beyond thoughtful, considerate, generous, and heartfelt. My friend listened, heard, and responded. Amazing. And let me tell you, these are not just any spices, they are the KING OF SPICES. (I don’t usually get excited by spices, but let me tell you, these are above and beyond any other type of spice!)


Boxes. Yes, they are just cardboard boxes but the contents are magic.

Boxes. Yes, they are just cardboard boxes but the contents are magic.

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Healthy Banana Muffins

A GP lover, I was on a mission to make the Jumbo Banana Muffins from Goop over the weekend, and boy, did they turn out amazing. GP knows what she is doing (or her staff does). Healthy — refined sugar free and gluten free — these muffins will be a huge hit in your office / home / belly. These moist, gooey muffins have an almond butter filling — an extra special yummy surprise in the middle.

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