Paper and Glue

Over the weekend, I watched the documentary film “Paper and Glue,” and I loved every minute of it. Recommended to me by a documentary producer friend in LA, I knew it had to be good. Upon reading more about the film, I realized it was about the artist JR, who I have been following and admiring over the past year.


Paper and Glue — you can watch it on Youtube.

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Bread and Butter

If you know me well, you know that I love bread and butter more than anything. Not any bread and butter, but really, really good bread, and really, really good butter (deep). The salty fatty kind that just adds so much flavor. I could eat bread and butter for every meal. I know, very European. And SOOOOOOO my parents. My parents are the type that walk to the bakery everyday to get a fresh loaf of bread. I cannot remember a time in my life where there wasn’t a fresh loaf in the bread drawer. Of course, there is always a variety too — raisin bread, rye bread, ancient oat bread, you name it — we all have our favorites. So when I recently discovered 123Dough in Pound Ridge, I fell in love, and also felt like I had become my parents….nothing tastes better than a slice of bread (I like thin slices, I don’t like too thick) with some French Butter.


Look how cute 123 Dough is. It literally just has bread and some condiments — but the bread is fresh, organic, and oh so delicious.

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Christine and The Queens

I have the tendency to fall head over heels in love with a certain song and then listen to it on repeat at least 1,000 times. It KILLS my husband. KILLS. And yet, I can’t help myself. So last weekend, I was introduced to a French singer, Christine and The Queens, and the ENTIRE album is incredible. There are a couple of songs that are *mind-blowingly good* but in general, the whole album is remarkable.


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Cotelac Leggings

Cotelac, one of my all time favorite brands, is a French company with two stores in NYC (Soho and the Upper East Side). It is very French, but more practical, motherly, rustic, classic than the other French brands I am in love with (Isabel Marant, Roseanna, Maison Olga, Vanessa Bruno, etc…). All of the clothes are machine washable and low maintenance. Each season, I buy a version of the tie dye jean which I can never have too many of. In addition to my new jeans, I also bought a pair of leggings which I am dying over. They are unique but subtle, versatile and comfortable, and perfect for layering in the cold winter months.


I ordered a size 1 to have it baggy at the ankle (typically, I would wear a size 0 in their clothing, but I preferred the looser look to that of tight leggings).

I ordered a size bigger than normal to have it baggy at the ankle

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Rachel Comey Culottes

Culottes are having a moment right now. Like a big moment. And because they feel so French and fancy free, I am in love.  I love wearing them with sneakers and pretending I live in Paris where I can roam the cobblestone streets with a baguette in my hand and un coup de champagne in the other. Alas, that is not my reality (schlepping to swimming lessons and hustling to tutoring is more the truth), but I still can “look” French. So Culottes are my new favorite pant.


So if I am going to try to look French, then I might as well a striped shirt, too. N'est pas? Mais OUI!

So if I am going to try to look French, then I might as well a striped shirt, too. N’est pas? Mais OUI!

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Maison Labiche Sweatshirts

I am a huge fan of sweatshirts. If I could, I would wear them every day. And now I have found yet ANOTHER line of sweatshirts that I am royally obsessed with. And of course, it is French (bien sur), which makes it even cooler and better! In my mind, French = fancy, so I can wear these out to a dinner party, or even a gala, and be well dressed (in my dreams). Maison Labiche, everyone!


Maison Labiche, House of Female Deer.

Maison Labiche, House of Female Deer.

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Petit Bateau Undies

Since Natori doesn’t make kids’ undies (TEAR!), the kids are forced to wear a different brand. I know, the horror! If only Natori made underwear for kids, we would all be set for life! Thankfully, Petit Bateau, a French company, makes the perfect substitute. Almost as good as Natori undies for grown ups….


Boys packaging

The boxer briefs for boys. Love the packaging, style, and colors.

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French Shoes

A fan of french tennis shoes, I stumbled upon the Bensimon shop while we were roaming the streets of Paris for our anniversary. I felt like a kid in a candy store! So many options and patterns and sizes to choose from — my heaven. Although these shoes are sold all over the US including at Madewell and Shopbop, they were much cheaper in Paris (even with the euro conversion) and had a bigger selection.


The perfect summer shoe.

The perfect summer shoe

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Paris (Lunch) Food

Our two favorite meals during our 3 day stay in Paris were both lunches, excluding the random baguettes with ham, butter, and cheese I ate throughout the stay (THAT is my favorite meal in Paris). French food at its finest, take a look!


Caviar Kaspia


Located in Place de la Madeline, this restaurant has been open since the 1920s. It is a classic Parisian restaurant that is elegant, dignified, and quiet. The food is seafood based, although it has a little bit of everything. Definitely worth visiting.


Smoked salmon on top of a (gigantic) bellin, with creme fraiche on the side. Rich, filling, and beyond delicious.

Smoked salmon on top of a (gigantic) blini, with creme fraiche on the side. Rich, filling, and beyond delicious.

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Leur Logette

I am the luckiest person in the world….not only do I have healthy children, a wonderful and supportive husband, loving and committed parents, and irreplaceable siblings, but I also have the most warm, generous, loving, inspirational, and kind in-laws. Sounds impossible, but it is true. I married my soulmate (almost 7 years ago!) and with him, came two incredible people. Not only are they the most chic, fashionable, beautiful and stylish couple around, but they also have taken me in as their own daughter and love me like their own. For that, I will be forever grateful. In addition to their unconditional love and support, they also spoil me. A nice perk, right? On our recent trip to Paris, my mother-in-law, gifted me some unbelievable Chanel shoes and a lacey, fun, original shirt (and bought out BonPoint for the kids!!!!). Check out the beauty of the lace top!


Lace! Cotton! Easy! Black! Love!

Lace! Cotton! Easy! Black! Love!

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Maison Olga

The young French designers are my heroes: Roseanna, Isabel Marant, IRO, Vanessa Bruno, and now, Maison Olga.

Maison Olga

Technically Maison Olga is a combination of French and Italian designers… but it is now headquartered in Paris, so francais, it is! Maison Olga is a unique label that designs for free-spirited, modern women, aka the quintessential Josie Girl. The collections are refined androgyny with vintage styles.

hey girlfriend.

hey girlfriend.

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Last year, I fell in love with a new (to me) clothing line, Roseanna. So in love, that I would run around the city, searching for every store that carried it. Roseanna was my hidden fashion gem. Basically, in my mind, Roseanna is a newer and better form of Isabel Marant. Don’t get me wrong, I love Isabel Marant, but Roseanna is higher quality with better designs, and patterns that are more fresh and unique.


Roseanna, a Parisian label, was founded in 2007 by two female childhood friends (Roseanna is the combination of the first names of the two designers, Anne-Fleur Broudehoux and Roxane Thiery). Only a select number of stores carries Roseanna, but now, starting Spring 2013, Barney’s will carry them as well. What I love about Roseanna is their nonchalant-refined style which is urban but relaxed, fresh and unique. I have many of their pieces from Fall 2012, and look forward to trying on and buying some of their looks for Spring 2013!


HOW AMAZING IS THIS LOOK? I LOVE LOVE LOVE! And she is in a farmers market stand? Can I just become this lady?

Their current Spring 2013 collection is inspired by Brazil and features prints of tigers, palms, and cocoas. The whole collection is very summery, and tropical, transforming your look into a relaxed vacation. And can you believe one of their dresses in the collection is named “ANIKA” — spelled my way? Means I have to get it, right?


The Anika dress has a low cut V in the back. Definitely sexy and different.

I couldn’t take it any longer, so went to Barneys to get this top, The Alex.

The Alex top. I am excited to wear this in a casual environment, or a dressier occasion.

The Alex top. I am excited to wear this.  Can be casual or dressy.

date night!

Date night!

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