Bread and Butter

If you know me well, you know that I love bread and butter more than anything. Not any bread and butter, but really, really good bread, and really, really good butter (deep). The salty fatty kind that just adds so much flavor. I could eat bread and butter for every meal. I know, very European. And SOOOOOOO my parents. My parents are the type that walk to the bakery everyday to get a fresh loaf of bread. I cannot remember a time in my life where there wasn’t a fresh loaf in the bread drawer. Of course, there is always a variety too — raisin bread, rye bread, ancient oat bread, you name it — we all have our favorites. So when I recently discovered 123Dough in Pound Ridge, I fell in love, and also felt like I had become my parents….nothing tastes better than a slice of bread (I like thin slices, I don’t like too thick) with some French Butter.


Look how cute 123 Dough is. It literally just has bread and some condiments — but the bread is fresh, organic, and oh so delicious.

The store is teeny tiny, so one customer at a time (during COVID, and I can’t imagine it holds more than 1 when it’s not COVID)…

Scandi look.

THE BEST BUTTER. And truth is, I like to eat bread, just so I can eat the butter. And look, our dog Stevie even loves the butter.

If you are not in Westchester, pay attention to this brand of butter, and if you come across it, GET IT. You will not be disappointed.

Nutrition facts.




As it seems like the world is crumbling again with the increase of COVID positive rates and potential school shut downs, it is the little and small things that spark joy and make me happy. Fresh cut flowers, fresh bread and butter, letters from friends, photos, cuddles with the kids. It is the small moments, the slowing down….because if I start to think too much, I start to panic. SO back to bread and butter!!!!



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