Kid Clothing

I have a range of favorite kid clothing: from beautiful-fancy-pants-super-expensive Bonpoint, to cheap-and-trendy Zara. In addition to those retailers, here are some more obscure brands for kids clothes that I currently love and shop. (And sorry in advance for the photos….although I think my kids are super cute, they are not models, so no judgements).




Hip, California cool style. What is not to love? Fun summer clothing for the kids.


This shirt is currently Cruzzie's favorite shirt. It is super soft and comfortable with a good message.

This shirt is currently Cruzzie’s favorite. It is super soft and comfortable with a good message.

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Plastic Cups

Plastic cups; not very glamorous sounding, but trust me these will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. My best friend, Amy (who by the way, introduces me to 99% of what is cool / hot / hip / trendy / important), told me about them several years ago, but my reaction was “HUH WHAT?? PLASTIC CUPS, WHO CARES?” but then, as always,  I listened to her (she = always right and in the know), so I bought them. And sure enough, they *changed* my life. Dramatic, but 13 bucks and you get 16 cups; all super cheery and colorful. You do the math, but I think that is a pretty good deal.


Colorful = happiness!

Colorful = happiness!

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Jaffa Dolls

Thank you for supporting Jaffa Dolls!


As a member of the tribe, it is with great excitement that I introduce Jaffa Dolls, a company based in Israel in which Jewish and Arab women come together to make dolls by hand.  Especially during a time when politics are getting OUT OF CONTROL, it is the perfect time to introduce a product that supports co-existence and unity, not discrimination and racism.  Jaffa Dolls support WOMEN and PEACE between two ethnic groups. Peace and women — double your pleasure, double your fun. And to top it off, the dolls are unique, cute, and happy. I had the privilege of sitting down with good friend, Laura Newmark (also the wife of $2 bill Matt), who is the US Distributor of Jaffa Dolls.  Read on to find out about this new venture. Thanks, Laura!

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Halloween / NYC Marathon 2015

One of my favorite events in the Big Apple is the New York City Marathon. There is a buzz, energy, and pride that fills the city air. I cry, I smile, I weep, and I am just so happy for all the runners and finishers! And this year, it fell the day after Halloween, making it a BIG weekend for kids and adults. A memorable, fun, and inspiring weekend.


Snow Fairy Princess and Hipster Batman brother.

Snow Fairy Princess and Hipster Batman brother. (Neither of the shoes are an official part of their costume).

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Petit Bateau Undies

Since Natori doesn’t make kids’ undies (TEAR!), the kids are forced to wear a different brand. I know, the horror! If only Natori made underwear for kids, we would all be set for life! Thankfully, Petit Bateau, a French company, makes the perfect substitute. Almost as good as Natori undies for grown ups….


Boys packaging

The boxer briefs for boys. Love the packaging, style, and colors.

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Me & Ewe

Once again, another friend who is uber talented, smart, beautiful, and accomplished. GEEZ, so inspiring it makes me in awe! My friend, Jennie, is truly an example of an exceptional woman; Harvard grad (not too shabby), mother of two (cutie pa tooties), blonde, beautiful, peppy, energetic, and NOW a founder of the company Me & Ewe. Damn lady. She is also married to the co-founder of OK Cupid (No Big Deal, just some website that matches up MILLIONS of people each year and creates happily-ever-afters) and has entrepreneurial blood running through her veins. Me & Ewe is a sock company — made for kids and adults to match. The idea is fresh, fun, and fabulous. Take a look! So impressed, excited, and thrilled for Jennie’s new company.

I mean, how adorable is this lady? Selling her socks old-school.

I mean, how adorable is this lady? Selling her socks old-school at a children’s library. Everything in this picture is just too cheeky cute.

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