Natori Summer Blues

Every summer, we go to our dear friends’ home in Sonoma to celebrate a weekend with many of our Stanford Business School friends. It has happened the past 8 summers and is always one of the best weekends of the year. We lounge, hike, eat, indulge, rollerskate, and laugh. OOOHHHH we laugh and it is so fun. It is also our second time we have picked a theme of an evening — in 2019 we did Sunset Hues.


Sunset Hues. That was our guideline — and everyone could dress how they wanted to.

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Checkered Biker Shorts

Last summer, I purchased a (daring? brave? risque? bootielicious?) pair of checkered biker shorts and have been wearing them nonstop the past week. Yes, they are a little particular, but I love them — especially when I found on a similar pair for almost triple the price! So because now I see them on a more mainstream and expensive website, I feel the need to tell you all about them!


Me and the shorts!

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Uniqlo Heattech Turtlenecks

I have always loved Uniqlo as the qualities and prices are unbeatable. And even more specifically, I love any of their Heattech products — they truly make such a difference and keep your body warm. Seems impossible that a tiny piece of clothing can actually keep you warm, but it works. Trust me. And all of a sudden, this Fall, I have been drawn to turtlenecks (a new thing for me) and you cannot beat the Uniqlo turtlenecks. They are actually magic. They are thin, weightless, inexpensive ($19), look great, and keep you so warm! I wear my striped ones all the time, so much that I just ordered two new ones (a yellow and a black one).


I love it as a base layer (under a sweater) or as the main top! Can’t go wrong. For sizing — I wear an XS and feel like it is the perfect fit. They are so good looking and can you believe that they cost 20 bucks. 20 BUCKS!!!!

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Leopard Print Midi Skirt

I am a sucker for anything leopard print. I have always loved anything leopard but when it recently became on trend, I couldn’t help but buy anything and everything leopard. Over the past several years, I have collected a rather large assortment of leopard items. So when I read the article in the NYTimes about the Leopard Print Midi Skirt being a must have, and since it was the ONE item that I didn’t own in leopard, I knew that I had to join the trend (in this case, yes a follower). It arrived earlier this week and I am IN LOVE. LOVE oh so much. And by the way, I scoured the internet searching for the perfect leopard midi skirt, and ended up on the first one the NY Times recommended. I LOVE IT.


It is silk, comfortable, easy to wear.

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La Ligne Meredith Top

A lover of tank tops (and anything summer), I was thrilled when I came across this fun, easy, flirty top by La Ligne. The top is a ruched bodice (I love the ruched look — my wedding dress top was all ruched lace) and easy to pair with any high waisted pants, shorts, or skirts. I also love the subtle floral pattern and the girliness of it. I tend to not wear tight tops, and although this top is tight, it doesn’t feel revealing.


The shape is really simple — literally just a rectangle. But the ruching is what makes it hard to recreate….

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Upstate Tie Dye Makeover

Every other month, I clean out my closet and purge clothes that I no longer wear. Two weeks ago, in this manic cleaning session, I discovered a pair of white Isabel Marant shorts that I had purchased over three years ago but never wore. Immediately, I knew what I wanted to do with them — have them tie dyed and trnsform them from boring and dull to wild and fun. I emailed Kalen from Upstate and dropped them off at her studio the very next day…..three days later, she was finished with them and I could not love them anymore. They are tie dye perfection.


Cute, but not very practical for me….

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Nike Windbreaker

I am currently on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington State in the San Juan Islands. It is incredibly beautiful with its lush green mountains, crystal clear lakes, Cascade Mountain views, and the Pacific Ocean. It is literally a summer dream, except for the fact that it is quite brisk and on the colder side. Going into the week I had no idea about the chilly temperatures, so when I got to Seattle with ONE sweatshirt, I ended up at the Nike Store (in Seattle) and bought a windbreaker. Yes, it was a spur of the moment purchase, but I am SO happy with it, I can’t seem to take it off (and not just because I need it). It is lightweight, retro stylish, cool, unique, and the perfect layer on piece.  I plan to wear it on runs, casually, and basically, all day everyday!


Retro windbreaker — both the design, the look, and the color. But I love it!

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Interview with Maisonette

Maisonette, founded by Sylvana Ward Durrett and Luisana Mendoza Roccia, two (beautiful) alums from Vogue, is the new (online) hot destination to buy anything KID. Everything on their site is perfectly curated and tasteful… it makes you want Sylvana and Luisana to be your new BFFs. They are certainly smart, creative, fashionable, gorgeous tastemakers, and their website offers the best of the best of children’s brands — think Net-a-porter for kids. I had the opportunity to interview them, so take a look.



Sylvana and Luisana, and their kids.


How did you come up with the idea for an e-commerce kids site? What was the inspiration?

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Kid Clothing

I have a range of favorite kid clothing: from beautiful-fancy-pants-super-expensive Bonpoint, to cheap-and-trendy Zara. In addition to those retailers, here are some more obscure brands for kids clothes that I currently love and shop. (And sorry in advance for the photos….although I think my kids are super cute, they are not models, so no judgements).




Hip, California cool style. What is not to love? Fun summer clothing for the kids.


This shirt is currently Cruzzie's favorite shirt. It is super soft and comfortable with a good message.

This shirt is currently Cruzzie’s favorite. It is super soft and comfortable with a good message.

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Criquet Shirts

Everywhere I have turned recently, I have seen a different article on Criquet, a polo shirt company started by two boys from New York City who went to Ken’s alma mater, The Buckley School. As someone tied to both polo shirts (Ken’s preferred clothing choice) and Buckley (not only did Ken attend the school, I taught there for many years, and Cruzzie is now in Kindergarten there), I was instantly intrigued. And boy oh boy, are these shirts a winner! In addition to design, the shirts are distinguished by their hard collars with collar stays, four buttons, bright colors, and 100% cotton. Ken describes the shirts as “niiiiiice” and the “perfect shirt.”
Criquet is based in Austin, of my favorite places in the US!

Criquet is based in Austin, Texas… of my favorite places in the US!

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Clogmaster UPDATE!

When you look at my closet, aside from my Stan Smiths, Birkenstocks, and running shoes; the other pair of shoes I wear 99% of the time are my Clog Master Clogs. I wrote about the-amazing-comfortable-incredible-custom-made-clogs in July, 2013 (eeks almost 2 years ago), when Ken and I visited Cecilia’s storefront in Portland, Oregon.  But I never updated you all after we actually received them.  So ladies and gentlemen, here are pictures of the heavenly clogs. And if you are on the fence about making the schlep to an appointment or taking the time, trust me, it is definitely worth it. These are a gift to yourself. And your feet.


My collection. Once I purchased the clog master clogs, I never stepped foot again into my danskos. These shoes are life savers. They fit the foot perfectly (hence the custom nature of the clogs) and feel great to walk in.

My collection. Once I purchased the clog master clogs, I never stepped foot again into my danskos. These shoes are life savers. They fit the foot perfectly (due to Cecilia’s amazing technical know-how) and feel great to walk in.

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Upstate Shirt


Here I go AGAIN (and again and again) with some love for tie dye! It doesn’t matter what year or season it is, I will always have a love for the look. And thank you, Upstate, for creating this beautiful shirt! Upstate creates one of a kind pieces of wearable art by using dye techniques based on Japanese shibori. Each of my Upstate items, I LOVE and WEAR and ROCK.

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Surf Bazaar Harem Pants

Totally in love with my beachwear from Surf Bazaar!  Their tanks, tees, and tunics are my beach and summer go-tos (FYI- we just got back from a great vaca in Puerto Rico), and now they have created a pant that is beyond amazing. And these aren’t just your typical pants — they are the perfectly combined craziness of (1) neon (2) drop crotch (3) embroidered cutouts. It is every trend in ONE pant — Hallelujah!

Neon eyelet!!

Neon eyelet!!

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As a fitness-buff with an unconventional professional career (math tutoring and blogging), I wear workout gear more than normal clothes. I know, embarrassingly true, but between workout and kid activities, it is hard for me to get (properly) dressed and am therefore often “that mom.” So when I stumbled across Carbon38, a new website with athletic gear catering to fashion-forward women, I was in hog heaven.



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Summer ’13 Wish List

Summer is right around the corner. Literally. And boy, do I have some wants and wishes! Here they are:

Ace and Jig Dress

Yep -- totally obsessed. But how can I NOT be? I love the fabric, the stripes, the colors, the lightness, and the overall look!

Yep — totally obsessed. But how can I NOT be? I love the fabric, the stripes, the colors, the lightness, and the overall look!

Upstate Shawl

Silk tye dye scarf? IN LOVE!

Silk tye dye scarf? IN LOVE!

Josie Natori camisole

A necessary luxury. Soft, perfect, lace.

A necessary luxury. Soft, perfect, lace, and the just-right base lining.

Tocca Jumpsuit

Printed stretch silk jumpsuit in our black/grey totem print.  Deep v-neck.  Slanted front pockets.  Diamond inset in scaled down print at waist.

Printed stretch silk jumpsuit in  black/grey totem print. Deep v-neck. Slanted front pockets. Oh. My. God. Perfection.

Dalla Nonna calendar bracelet


A perfect way to remember a special occasion. Choose a color of metal and leather wrap. How fun and touching is it??

An original way to remember a special occasion. Choose a type of metal and leather color wrap. How fun and personable is it?? Hellooooooo (late) Mother’s day present!

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Favorite Boy’s Clothes

Because my 5-week old baby girl has acid reflux and only wears Carter’s onesies, I currently know more about boy’s clothing than I do about girl’s clothes. Sure, I know the mainstream lines, but I don’t (yet) know about all the hidden gems of fun, hip, retro, and cool girl’s clothing lines.  Until baby Zoe is ready for real clothes and I can do some exploring, here are my favorite obscure and original boy’s clothing lines.

Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses was founded by a team of Spanish girls. Their designs are simplistic, stylish, and made with natural materials.

Bike shorts

WE WEAR SHORT SHORTS. So flippin' cute, comfortable, bright, cheery, and awesome.

CKN yellow shorts

Cruzzie rocking the yellow bike shorts. Currently, he will not let me dress him in long shorts and demands to be put in any type of these shorts.

Frances Reid Clothing

Hand-made by one of my favorite ladies in the world, this line of clothing has a variety of items, including my favorite hooded sweatshirts. They are a great gift for anybody as you can never have too many hoodies in your closet. Or your son’s closet, too.

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