Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys

Time is flying by and my ten year old soon will soon be a teenager (yes, I know, in a couple of years, but still…..) but I want to be prepared for discussing puberty and the physical – emotional – mental changes that take place during this time. Thankfully, a good friend told me about this book, Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys, and I immediately bought it online. She suggested reading it out loud with my son, and although there are awkward moments, it is something we have been doing (and enjoying!).


Guy stuff. They also have another one for girls, too.

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Criquet Shirts

Everywhere I have turned recently, I have seen a different article on Criquet, a polo shirt company started by two boys from New York City who went to Ken’s alma mater, The Buckley School. As someone tied to both polo shirts (Ken’s preferred clothing choice) and Buckley (not only did Ken attend the school, I taught there for many years, and Cruzzie is now in Kindergarten there), I was instantly intrigued. And boy oh boy, are these shirts a winner! In addition to design, the shirts are distinguished by their hard collars with collar stays, four buttons, bright colors, and 100% cotton. Ken describes the shirts as “niiiiiice” and the “perfect shirt.”
Criquet is based in Austin, of my favorite places in the US!

Criquet is based in Austin, Texas… of my favorite places in the US!

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Petit Bateau Undies

Since Natori doesn’t make kids’ undies (TEAR!), the kids are forced to wear a different brand. I know, the horror! If only Natori made underwear for kids, we would all be set for life! Thankfully, Petit Bateau, a French company, makes the perfect substitute. Almost as good as Natori undies for grown ups….


Boys packaging

The boxer briefs for boys. Love the packaging, style, and colors.

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Favorite Boy’s Clothes

Because my 5-week old baby girl has acid reflux and only wears Carter’s onesies, I currently know more about boy’s clothing than I do about girl’s clothes. Sure, I know the mainstream lines, but I don’t (yet) know about all the hidden gems of fun, hip, retro, and cool girl’s clothing lines.  Until baby Zoe is ready for real clothes and I can do some exploring, here are my favorite obscure and original boy’s clothing lines.

Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses was founded by a team of Spanish girls. Their designs are simplistic, stylish, and made with natural materials.

Bike shorts

WE WEAR SHORT SHORTS. So flippin' cute, comfortable, bright, cheery, and awesome.

CKN yellow shorts

Cruzzie rocking the yellow bike shorts. Currently, he will not let me dress him in long shorts and demands to be put in any type of these shorts.

Frances Reid Clothing

Hand-made by one of my favorite ladies in the world, this line of clothing has a variety of items, including my favorite hooded sweatshirts. They are a great gift for anybody as you can never have too many hoodies in your closet. Or your son’s closet, too.

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