Nupie Sandals

One of my favorite purchases from my recent trip to Paris was a pair of Boho Chic sandals. Peruvian ribbon, Italian leather, French company….makes sense, right? I am so happy I discovered Nupie . They are colorful (at Bon Marche, the sandals were offered in three different color ways and I wanted all three), comfortable, practical, and unique. I love how the ribbon is distinctively Peruvian (and made in Peru) and that the soles are high quality leather Italian so they feel like well made classic sandals. I can’t wait to wear them all summer long.


I chose the green pair but was SO close to buying the pink one. But I liked them just as much the blue pair….ahhhh the options!

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Raw Tortillas

Tortilla Land tortillas make all the difference!


Last December when visiting my brother in Seattle, I discovered raw tortillas while rummaging through his fridge. In a matter of seconds, I became a fan. These authentic and fresh tortillas are made from simple ingredients (only 5 of them!) and no preservatives. Sold in many stores on the West Coast (Safeway, Albertsons, Costco), it was a little harder to pin them down on the East Coast. Thanks to my sister who lives in New Jersey, we got some… from Wal-mart!  And they are amazing.

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