Autry Sneakers

I am a lover of sneakers — I wear Nike Dunks and Vans more than I wear any other shoes. They are comfortable, practical, AND hip. And now, I have a third sneaker to add to my rotation, Autry. I have a feeling that these shoes are going to be the next Golden Goose (aka luxury sneaker, but not at that ridiculously price point) and men, women, and kids will be all wearing them soon (and if my prediction is wrong, at least everyone in my family will be wearing them). Move over, veja, these sneakers are the best.


I like them all in all color ways, but for my first purchase, I picked the green and white. I LIVE in my black and white dunks, so these are a similar flair and style.

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Friendship Beaded Pins

Going back old school — friendship beaded pins! When I realized that we were going to be at home for a loooooooong time, I realized I needed more activities that would interest both me and the kids. So I bought a ton of friendship bracelet embroidery thread as well as friendship glass beads to put on pins. It is simple and super easy but also fun and retro.


Big box of beautiful glass beads!

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Spring Sandals

It is not yet Spring in NYC, but I am already creating my spring slash summer sandal wish list as I DESPERATELY wait for Spring and Summer to arrive. Here they are (and obviously I have a type of sandal that I like to wear….):


1. Birkenstocks x Il Dolce Far Niente


Don’t you love? I actually bought these a month ago as they sell out very quickly and I knew I had to rush to get them. I know that I will wear them everyday all day.

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Reebok Club C 85 Vintage

For the past several years, my go-to-sneakers have been the checkered slip on vans. And although I still love them (and believe they are a classic), I also don’t love the fact that EVERYONE and their mother wears them….so I have been searching for a new sneaker to wear. When I was in Paris this past summer, I noticed that white sneakers were having a big moment. The big fat ugly dad sneakers. And as cool as I think I am, I am not sure I can pull off that look. So I decided to go old school and bought the classic Reebok Club C 85 Vintage. And I have to tell you, I love them.


So 90s, so in love!

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Nupie Sandals

One of my favorite purchases from my recent trip to Paris was a pair of Boho Chic sandals. Peruvian ribbon, Italian leather, French company….makes sense, right? I am so happy I discovered Nupie . They are colorful (at Bon Marche, the sandals were offered in three different color ways and I wanted all three), comfortable, practical, and unique. I love how the ribbon is distinctively Peruvian (and made in Peru) and that the soles are high quality leather Italian so they feel like well made classic sandals. I can’t wait to wear them all summer long.


I chose the green pair but was SO close to buying the pink one. But I liked them just as much the blue pair….ahhhh the options!

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Arizona Love Tevas

Last summer, I splurged on Chanel Tevas — and I wore them all day every day. They made me so happy because they were the perfect mixture of how I see myself: half city girl, half hippy chick. That said, I never wanted to hike in them because although they are technically tevas, they still are Chanel and are not hiking worthy. So last month when a friend introduced me to Arizona Love tevas, I fell in love AGAIN and knew I had to buy two pairs immediately. Arizona Love tevas are a true combination of uniqueness and practicality. A little bit of flair and a whole lot of comfort. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.


My issue was that I couldn’t decide on just one, so I had to buy two. But knowing me and my summer lifestyle, I will get  use out of both of them.

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Blue Birkenstocks

BEST 40 BUCKS I HAVE SPENT ALL YEAR! Birkenstocks (best shoe on the planet), are one of the few shoes I wear all summer long (along with van slides and running shoes). But these birkenstocks — GASP — so fun, comfortable, different but the same, and OH SO INEXPENSIVE (because they are plastic versus leather)! 40 BUCKS!! FOR BRIGHT BLUE BIRKENSTOCKS — how could you possibly say no?


Electric blue

Ultralight, these birkenstocks are made with high-quality EVA. They are flexible, odor neutral (phew — hate the smell of plastic chemicals) and are waterproof and washable.

And they look good on your feet (even with ugly feet — DON’T LOOK!…..I am a runner. Harumph) and feel like a pillow.

So easy to wash and clean — the best summer shoe. Who wants high maintenance shoes in the summer?

Bleu blue.


They currently come in a variety of colors (black, silver, pink, yellow, orange, and white!) but of course the one other color I want them in is green (because green birkenstocks just seem like perfection). To buy these great sandals, go here. Best purchase of 2018.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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HICKIES No Tie Elastics

Through the retail world, we recently met the owner and creator of HICKIES No Tie Elastics. And I am now a huge fan! I love how fun, colorful and easy they are to use and assemble. What are no tie laces? Well instead of laces, you place HICKIES laces in the shoelace eyelets. And voila, no tie, easy to slip on, shoes! You can get creative and have different designs, tightness and looks. There is a huge assortment of colors and looks of the HICKIES to match all your different shoes and needs. They are not just for kids, but adults, too.


Playful laces.

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Allbirds Shoes

Before the holidays, one of my best friends introduced me to the most amazing wool shoes. She and her husband both have them in multiple colors. Made from New Zealand merino wool, they are lightweight, breathable, fashionable, chic, comfortable, (and warm)! (Links: women and men.) Not only are they good looking but they are a good price point ($95) for a shoe you will wear everyday!


Wool and good looking!!

Wool and good looking!! (These are a men’s pair I got for Ken.. I am buying a pair soon!)

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Clogmaster UPDATE!

When you look at my closet, aside from my Stan Smiths, Birkenstocks, and running shoes; the other pair of shoes I wear 99% of the time are my Clog Master Clogs. I wrote about the-amazing-comfortable-incredible-custom-made-clogs in July, 2013 (eeks almost 2 years ago), when Ken and I visited Cecilia’s storefront in Portland, Oregon.  But I never updated you all after we actually received them.  So ladies and gentlemen, here are pictures of the heavenly clogs. And if you are on the fence about making the schlep to an appointment or taking the time, trust me, it is definitely worth it. These are a gift to yourself. And your feet.


My collection. Once I purchased the clog master clogs, I never stepped foot again into my danskos. These shoes are life savers. They fit the foot perfectly (hence the custom nature of the clogs) and feel great to walk in.

My collection. Once I purchased the clog master clogs, I never stepped foot again into my danskos. These shoes are life savers. They fit the foot perfectly (due to Cecilia’s amazing technical know-how) and feel great to walk in.

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Mini Melissa Kitty Shoes



While it hit other states hard, Juno the Blizzard didn’t really hit NYC….but we still had (a tiny amount of) snow, no school, lots of hot cocoa, sledding, and snow angels. I was a little disappointed to wake up to 2 (ok, 6 total) inches of snow, but super happy to be with the kids and play in the snow.  I hope all the JG readers in New England are doing OK.


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Zara Leopard Shoes

I am a huge fan of slip-on comfortable shoes that are hip and easy to walk in. And these Zara Leopard shoes check off the boxes. These flat leather ankle boots are made out of natural cowhide with elastic side panels and white rubber soles. They are quick to slip on, flat to run a marathon with, and a la mode en ce moment. I imagine that my Parisian Girl Crushes are wearing them now, too.




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Sabah Shoes

You know how it goes, you spot someone with killer shoes, so you approach them and ask them where they got them. (I am an introvert, but when it comes to wanting to know where something comes from, I make a bee line to find out the who-what-when-where-why!) So, in May, when I saw the cutest little Millennial walking uptown on Madison Avenue, I had to ask WHERE AND WHEN CAN I GET THOSE ON MY FEET? Turns out, this hip little 20 something year old works for a friend of mine, so I was instantly put in touch with the Sabah Dealer and placed my order. Look how deliciously, dreamy and comfy these shoes are. A MUST FOR EVERYONE NOW. But don’t tell too many people!


Shoes and their bag.

Shoes and their bag. The blueish purple is deep, colorful, neutral, versatile and practical at the same time.

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French Shoes

A fan of french tennis shoes, I stumbled upon the Bensimon shop while we were roaming the streets of Paris for our anniversary. I felt like a kid in a candy store! So many options and patterns and sizes to choose from — my heaven. Although these shoes are sold all over the US including at Madewell and Shopbop, they were much cheaper in Paris (even with the euro conversion) and had a bigger selection.


The perfect summer shoe.

The perfect summer shoe

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Rod Lavers

Not sure what is happening, but I am reliving all my fashion trends from college. Overalls, tie dye, and now Rod Lavers. I used to wear Rod Lavers every single day in college. Literally — with dresses (yup, guilty), shorts (cute), and jeans (typical). And what do you know? On trend! Rod Lavers are back in action!



Rainbow of sneakers (courtesy New York Times)

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Nothing is more comfortable than clogs (tied with birkenstocks, obvi), so when I found out about Clogmaster — custom fit clogs — I got super excited. While store bought clogs are already almost like the perfectly fit glass slippers, CUSTOM fit clogs seriously make me Cinderella. And yet again, an awesome product from my very own, Oregon (but available elsewhere!).



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I am in the midst of end of the school year craziness — exams, grades, packing up, awards assemblies, and commencement. Busy time for all teachers! As this is my last year being an official teacher (embracing the change and BEING BOLD!), I am even more swamped with deadlines, boxes, and goodbye. So instead of my normal blog post, Ali to the rescue! Thank you, Contributing Editor!


Have you ever dreamed of a Flip Flop – Clog hybrid?  If so, FLOGGS may be the shoes for you.  FLOGG is a revolutionary new category of footwear -inspired by the laid back California lifestyle and invented for all women who want to feel good and look fantastic without sacrificing design for comfort.
In the 1970’s the womens’ liberation movement was born. The quest for equality in society made women also yearn for freedom of expression in their clothing. The Europeans influenced American fashion with sexualized glamour, style icons Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger, Brigit Bardot & Farrah Fawcett made miniskirts and platforms popular silhouettes that keep re-appearing on today modern catwalks.

I love the Cassie:

Swedish clog / high heel / birkenstock

Swedish clog / high heel / birkenstock



Now with FLOGG, retro classic shapes are made more comfortable with the flip flop EVA component.   The cushioned material (ethylene vinyl acetate, or EVA) lays on top of the sturdy natural wood platform. There’s also built in arch support inside of the shoe!

The cushion makes them a great choice for walking around the city or hanging at the beach.  I’m not a fan of being held back by my footwear, but I’m also unwilling to wear running shoes to get around.  For that reason, FLOGGS are an awesome walking companion.

If you want to learn more about how your feet change over time, and how shoes can help to maintain the integrity of your feet, check out this post about FLOGGS with advice from a podiatrist.

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Dolfie Shoes

You can take the girl out of Oregon, but you can’t take the Oregon out of the girl. Welcome to my life. Even though I am a NYC transplant and live in the crazy, wild, intense Big Apple, I still wear my clogs and birkenstocks like they were the newest pair of Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo heels. I just can’t strip them out of my life or I would feel like I was losing a little part of who I am. So, enter Dolfie shoes, THE NEWEST MOST AWESOME PAIR OF WEST COAST SHOES IN THE WORLD (even though they are from Europe). They look hip enough to make me look hip, but hippie enough to make me feel like myself. It’s the perfect compromise of NYC and Eugene. I love. I die. MAJ. SWOON. GASP. (For those of you who are curious about today’s giveaway, you need to wait until the end of the post!)

Written up as the “hybrid of boat shoe and moccasin,” these Dolfie ‘Louis’ shoes are a dream. Surfer girl (although I don’t surf) meet Gossip Girl (although I am not 17 years old) to the max!


HOT. Look at this beautiful and inspirational image of the shoe from the Dolfie website.

The Louis comes in a variety of colors and materials. All are divine.

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Spring Heels: Splurge vs. Steal

Maybe it is because I know it is unrealistic, but I am craving some thick soled sandal heels (unrealistic because I have nowhere to go and my center of gravity is not-so-centered). Here are two versions of the type of shoe I currently want.


Don’t look at the price of any of these shoes — unless you want to be flabbergasted and shocked. It is ridiculous. Shoes these days are like expensive watches. I swear, five years ago, shoes were expensive but not THIS expensive. And now, everywhere you look, “cheap” shoes are several hundred dollars. Not OK with this!

Givenchy (Geometric Cutout Sandal) — the inspiration for what I want


These Givenchy shoes are amazing. I love the thick heel with the cork, and then the delicate geometric straps up-top. They come in both black and purple.

Rochas (Platform Sandal)


Not as delicate and pretty as the Givenchy, but still love the look. Thick, strappy, mixture of rough, tough, and feminine.


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