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Culottes are having a moment right now. Like a big moment. And because they feel so French and fancy free, I am in love.  I love wearing them with sneakers and pretending I live in Paris where I can roam the cobblestone streets with a baguette in my hand and un coup de champagne in the other. Alas, that is not my reality (schlepping to swimming lessons and hustling to tutoring is more the truth), but I still can “look” French. So Culottes are my new favorite pant.


So if I am going to try to look French, then I might as well a striped shirt, too. N'est pas? Mais OUI!

So if I am going to try to look French, then I might as well a striped shirt, too. N’est pas? Mais OUI!

Pants and Stan Smiths, but-of-course, mais bien sur.

Pants and Stan Smiths, but-of-course, mais bien sur.

The look when my hands are not in the pockets and pulling the pants out to show the look.

Normal look without hands in pockets.

Cutest #photobomb

Cutest #photobomb


The pants that I own are from Rachel Comey. Not cheap, but a good investment, and a pair that I keep on wearing. I can’t seem to get enough of them. I love this article on them — with incredible pictures of women rocking the look, and a good description of the love-hate people have for them. And to see the best culottes for spring, go here. And you can even dress them up and wear heels, like Olivia Palermo did. You will love them.  I certainly do.

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  1. I have been wanting to buy Culottes! Its funny how things come in and out of style… I wish I saved mine from forever ago.

    • I love that you had these in the past. Do you remember JAMS? They are back in fashion too! Wish I saved my jams…

  2. sorry, not a fan,
    the fact that you are tall and whip thin , they could work
    —but perhaps more dressed up as i’ve seen them with heels…
    if not looks like someones elderly aunt in Florida…
    – makes even cool stan smiths I’ve been wearing for years look like orthopedic easy spirit walking shoes!

  3. Thanks, Mary D! You made me crack up!!!!! I love your honesty and spunk. I am not tall nor whip thin, but I hear you. And I think my neighbors on the Upper East Side think I look sloppy and sluggish wearing the culottes (they apparently are not on track with the trends), so I get your comment! Thanks for sharing!

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