Maison Olga

The young French designers are my heroes: Roseanna, Isabel Marant, IRO, Vanessa Bruno, and now, Maison Olga.

Maison Olga

Technically Maison Olga is a combination of French and Italian designers… but it is now headquartered in Paris, so francais, it is! Maison Olga is a unique label that designs for free-spirited, modern women, aka the quintessential Josie Girl. The collections are refined androgyny with vintage styles.

hey girlfriend.

hey girlfriend.

Maison Olga was started in 2011 by two friends and fashion experts, one Italian and one French. Laurence worked at Louis Vutton, and Guila at Prada. Both women had a desire to make clothes with their own style, taste, and personalities, and so Maison Olga was born.

Gorgeous clothes, gorgeous designers.

Gorgeous clothes, gorgeous designers.

Known mainly as a knitwear line, the clothes are beautifully created. Delicate yet strong and original yet classic. The current Fall-Winter 2013 collection is based on their travels to Peru with Inca’s cactus deserts, the Andes, and the Amazon rainforest. The colors, textures, and prints truly grasp the diversity of its landscape and the richness of the culture.

Geometric shapes.

Geometric shapes and lacey top.


Jacquard knitwear with a great silhouette.


Basic chic top.


Peru inspired to the core.


Camel coat.

To see more of Maison Olga’s collection, go here. I have no doubt that Maison Olga will become more widely known, so stay tuned to seeing more of it. I know I have become a groupie.




selfie times deux.


Thanks, Maison Olga for being so uber chic, hip, beautiful, unique, and special, making me feel like une princesse francaise! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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