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Last week, I went to Paris with my two kids, and last minute, added two of Cruzzie’s friends. Initially, I had no plans, so it was a mad dash trying to figure out what to do with four kids solo and how to make it fun for everyone. Normally, I just like to walk around all day with no real plans, but I knew that that would be harder with four kids. Thankfully, I had a dear friend who told me about an app “Flash Invaders” which helps you track the space invaders — tile mosaics all over Paris buildings made by a certain French artist, an Unidentified Free Artist that goes by Invader.


First go to the App Store and download this app, Promise you, it is so fun! Addicting, actually.

Everyday, we walked for miles. Literally, 8-12 miles per day. Even though the kids complained, we all enjoyed searching for invaders.

These were all fake invaders. You would scan them, and they would register the GPS, the photo, and tell you the point value and add them to your collection, if real.

Walking. And yes, this time, we would walk to certain places. Not just walking for the sake of walking.

I loved this Invader. She was HUGE.

I also loved this one — the tiny one in the corner — an invader with a French flag, and with the Eiffel Tour, I loved the viewpoint.

This Queen of Elizabeth was a fake — see how hard to tell the difference — you actually can’t!

We ended up getting 49 in total (here are 45 of them). Highly suggest and they are actually world wide!


Reminder to always look up, see the sights, and pay attention to all the details!

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