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I am the luckiest person in the world….not only do I have healthy children, a wonderful and supportive husband, loving and committed parents, and irreplaceable siblings, but I also have the most warm, generous, loving, inspirational, and kind in-laws. Sounds impossible, but it is true. I married my soulmate (almost 7 years ago!) and with him, came two incredible people. Not only are they the most chic, fashionable, beautiful and stylish couple around, but they also have taken me in as their own daughter and love me like their own. For that, I will be forever grateful. In addition to their unconditional love and support, they also spoil me. A nice perk, right? On our recent trip to Paris, my mother-in-law, gifted me some unbelievable Chanel shoes and a lacey, fun, original shirt (and bought out BonPoint for the kids!!!!). Check out the beauty of the lace top!


Lace! Cotton! Easy! Black! Love!

Lace! Cotton! Easy! Black! Love!

This shirt, made by Japanese Leur Logette, is both a perfect day and night top. Made out of cotton *AND* lace, it can easily be dressed up or down. The line is sold throughout Paris and on shopbop (gotta love shopbop), too.

Leur Logette


Not only do I love the shirt, but the packaging and display of Leur Logette is impeccable, too. Very French and modern, with attention to detail and smell. They placed the shirt in a box and covered it with (fake) rose petals and perfume. When I opened the box for the first time, it felt like a truly special and unique present. So much that I saved the packaging!




Even the side is chic, artsy, and delicate.

Even the side is chic, artsy, and delicate

Inside the box. Pink tissue paper and (fake) rose petals adorned the shirt. CLASSY.

Inside the box. Pink tissue paper and (fake) rose petals adorned the shirt. CLASSY.

This shirt is extremely comfortable, while still being edgy and fashionable. You can be comfortable and stylish at the same time! I love wearing this shirt with jeans or with more formal bottoms. I also have my eye on this striped lace top — lace and stripes!! I can’t wait to see more of this line and hope they expand to more shops in the US.

Classic twist.

Classic twist

Blue and white.

Blue and white

The cursive on the tag.

The cursive on the tag

Lace sleep close up.

Lace sleeve close up

So Parisian-ly chic!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! Lace never goes out of style, you’ll wear that for years to come!

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