Natori Beyond Brief

In my constant search for the best undies (always through Natori), I have found one of my new favorites: Beyond Brief. Yes, my everyday go to undies will always and forever be the Feathers undies, but it is always good to switch it up, too. And I am loving these Beyond Briefs. Very similar style (aka not a thong) but different. Same same but different.


Look at the cute tush.




An elegant grandma’s panties.

They come in four colors — I am a fan of the beige and the black.

Nice edges.

Flattering on the leg, too.


These briefs are a flatting silhouette with floral and geo print lace. They sit perfectly right below the waist and has a cotton gusset. Truly, a perfect addition to your undies drawer!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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Natori Revive Brief

A loyal Natori fan, I only wear Natori briefs (shocker). Since I am constantly looking for new ones to replace my Natori Feathers Panties RIP, I just purchased several pairs of the Natori Revive Brief, and I am *FINALLY* happy. They are not Natori Feathers, but they are ALMOST as good. So if you are looking for a new pair of undies, HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these Natori revive briefs.


They come in two colors (beige and black). I got two of each. And I can’t wait to order more….

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Natori Embolden Brief

My new favorite Natori undie is — gasp, even more than the Natori Feathers Brief — the new Embolden Brief. They are the absolute perfect pair of undies, and I am so so so so happy I discovered them. They are lacy but full coverage, flattering and different. Run to the store (or buy online) before they disappear — I stocked up on them!


They come in three colors: black, beige and blue. They are mainly lace, with just a little hint of fabric at the bottom.

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Natori Esteem Full Brief

Yes, I am writing about undies that are basically like the ones from Bridget Jones Diary, but full briefs are having a comeback! And these ones are aaaaaaahhhhhhhmazing. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have tried them had it not been recommended to me by a friend who is a stylist — and she told me that out of all the undies she has tried, these are the best out there right now! Since I trust all her style advice, I got these, and they do not disappoint.


YES, Bridget Jones! Thank you!!!

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Natori Calm Cotton Brief

Sadly, my favorite undies of all time (I still can’t believe it) will no longer be sold. This loss feels huge to me — feathers undies have been a part of my wardrobe staple since they first came out over a decade ago. I have tried many other undies (all Natori, but of course)…..but have ALWAYS come back to the Feathers ones– they were absolutely perfect in every single way and nothing compares. But now that I can’t find the undies anywhere and have to adapt to this new reality, I went on a search for a new favorite pair. After a lot of trial and error, my new love is the Natori Calm Cotton Brief. They are super cute, light, airy, shapely, and one of a kind. I like how even though they are cotton and briefs, they have a VA-VA-VOOM appeal to them as well. No, they aren’t Feathers hipster undies, but these are my new go-to undies, and I think you should try them, too!


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Favorite Undies 2018

It goes without saying that the only brand of lingerie that I “buy” is Natori. Just like almost everything else in life (granola, jeans, grocery stores, colors, fabrics, most anything and everything), I am super picky, but undies are by far the most important part of my daily ensemble. If I am wearing the wrong pair, I do not feel right or comfortable so it has been ESSENTIAL that I have the most perfect undies. And I did find them, but GASP, they are no longer going to be made and sold (I have tried to convince my husband to continue to make them, but he will not take my advice,



1) My current favorites are the Feathers Boyshorts . If you see them in the store, STOCK UP AND BUY THEM NOW. You will not regret it. If you can’t find them, it is because I purchased every single pair online that I could find….


I kept the tags on all these undies just so it didn’t seem weird or odd to everyone. These are fresh undies, never been worn. And let me tell you, I LOVE these undies more than anything. Seriously they are the perfect pair.

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Natori Granny Panties: Pure Allure

Super early in the morning, I tend to browse the Natori website, searching for the next addition to my ever-growing collection of Natori goodies. So when I came across Natori’s new Pure Allure Brief in its + Support collection, I immediately clicked-clicked-clicked (YUP, this homegirl loves granny panties!).  While I’ve always been a fan of big undies (Feathers Undies and Bliss Undies), reading “+” and “support” made me a tad bit skeptical. But low and behold, the undies blew me away and immediately became my new favorite pair of undies EVER.


When you have a round tush like this, you need some "support." #PolishTush #Badankadank. And yes, in this picture, I am sporting the Pure Allure Panties (and no panty lines!)

When you have a round tush like this (front and center), you need some “support.” #PolishTush #Badankadank. And yes, in this picture, I am sporting the Pure Allure Panties (and no panty lines!)

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Natori Bliss Smooth True Brief

Yes, these may look like granny undies. Yes, they are full coverage. Yes, they are HUGE. AND YES, GOSH DARNIT, THESE ARE AMAZING! My new-go to undie! Seriously, I love them. They are so big that they cover my waist bulges (think spanx), but are also so retro and fun that they look good. I actually think that they make me look leaner, tougher, and hip. Yep, granny panties to the rescue!


The look. Picture, cute bottom.

The look. Picture, cute bottom.

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Petit Bateau Undies

Since Natori doesn’t make kids’ undies (TEAR!), the kids are forced to wear a different brand. I know, the horror! If only Natori made underwear for kids, we would all be set for life! Thankfully, Petit Bateau, a French company, makes the perfect substitute. Almost as good as Natori undies for grown ups….


Boys packaging

The boxer briefs for boys. Love the packaging, style, and colors.

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Natori Girl Briefs

As one can imagine, I am a tad bit obsessed with underwear. Sounds kinda creepy, but in all honesty, I can’t help myself. I mean, COME ON, I am married into a lingerie family, so it makes sense. Right? RIGHT! Currently, I have two underwear obsessions, the Natori Bliss Bloom Briefs and the Nuit Briefs (Bonne Nuit!) They are very similar, and both the perfect girl hipster undies — sit at the hips, not too big, not too small, with just the right amount of lace and va-va-voom. A goldilocks type of Undie!

Notice something different? To learn more about this outfit and to shop available pieces click the + symbol embedded in my pictures thanks to Shopping Cart Technologies. See this exciting new technology for influencers in action on The Publishers Website.

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Underwear: Trio of Hippies

Girls, what is a better way to start fresh in the Spring weather than with some new undies? New undies are the freshest (and cleanest) way to start a new season! Especially when they are colorful, comfortable, and stylish. So toss out your old, tattered granny panties, and bring in some new Josie panties! Thank you, Josie Hippi for being the best undies out there.

Trio of Hippi panties.

Trio of Hippi styles.

Josie Hippies come in three different styles; Rio, Cotton, and Cotton polka dot! All are a must and a staple for your new Spring start. Rio is a fun alternative to the cotton hippi: a fun, flirty print which you can mix and match with your favorite Josie bra. 95% cotton, 5% lycra spandex, they are extremely comfortable, seamless, and mindless — you barely know that you have anything on!

I love this floral, colorful, polka dot pattern. Girly, cute, and playful.

I love this floral, colorful, polka dot pattern. Girly, cute, and playful.



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Congrats!/Valentine’s Day

My Valentine’s Day wish list is below, but first I wanted to take a second to congratulate my mother-in-law on receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at last night’s Femmy Awards, the annual gala thrown by The Underfashion Club.  It was an amazing event at Cipriani 42.  Mom left the crowd speechless, as she broke down crying thanking the industry and more importantly, the amazing team at Natori.  What a night!  Below are some pics…


The Saks Team! Ron Frasch (who presented the award), Deborah Walters, Mrs. Natori, Wendy Gottfried, and Elizabeth Yee from Natori.

Yes, that is guest host Carson Kressley from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!  Also in the picture: Francine Klein and Liz Hospodar from Bloomingdale's (honored as Retailer of the Year), and Ken

Yes, that is guest host Carson Kressley from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy! Also in the picture: Francine Klein and Liz Hospodar from Bloomingdale’s (honored as Retailer of the Year), and Ken


The Natori Team! Ken, Serena Godwin, Jocelyn Hazen, Mrs. Natori, Yuki Okamoto, Elizabeth Yee, Kleo Makridakis, Grismar Bueno (sporting a fierce Josie Natori bracelet!), and Angie Coulter

Congrats again on an amazing achievement.  Onto the post!!

Can you believe how time flies by? Thanksgiving came and went, Hannukah, Christmas, New Years, and now VALENTINE’S DAY? Wild, right? I feel like we just celebrated Turkey Day and now it is mid February! GULP. So, nothing better than a one-stop-shop for all the Ladies in your life on

My top Valentine’s Day gifts are hot, sexy, and perfect to give yourself on behalf of your main squeeze? (Does that count as a gift?)

Luscious Bra

Nothing Plain Jane about this bra. Goodbye boring nude bra, hello sexy mama! This bra is a pick me up to make anyone feel sexy, supported, and seamless (who needs a therapist when you have this bra?) The modern floral lace covers the cups without darts and seams, shapes the neckline, and gives the body an updated retro look.


You work out so you can wear this solo, right?



up close.

up close.

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