The Wearable Sleeping Bag

I know that it is almost Spring, but it has been freezing in NYC. So cold that I have been wearing my “wearable sleeping bag” and let me tell you — IT IS AMAZING AND WARM AND THE BEST. This wearable sleeping bag is from Selk’Bag and comes in every size for the whole family!


It is exactly what it sounds like — a sleeping bag that you wear. It is warm, comfortable, and absolutely perfect for outdoor hikes, sport watching, walking the dog, sitting by the fire – you name it.

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Suzie Kondi Velour Track Suits

I am jumping back on the 1990s velour track suit look and I couldn’t be happier! But this time around, it is not Juicy Couture, but instead New York City designer, Suzie Kondi. The track suits come in a selection of color and I want them all. Not only that, but they also come in kid’s sizes, too, so you can match your daughter. It’s as if my dream came true — matching, velour, track suit, comfortable, and rainbow colors.


YUP. We are living the dream.

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Zara Kids Paperbag Pants

Zara kids FTW again! After realizing that my daughter had no clothes that fit her (thank you growth spurt), I went online to purchase replacements. I fell in love with the paperbag corduroy pants so ordered her two pairs. She loved them the minute she saw them, which is a huge success because she never likes anything I buy….and they were *so* good that I decided I need to buy a pair for myself. I couldn’t find them in the women’s section, so opted for the biggest kids’ size and they fit great! So comfortable and perfect for Fall and Winter! I have already worn them twice …..


Paperbag pants with elastic waist. Pockets in front and back.

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African Printed Overalls – Royal Native

My only purchase of the summer has been not *one* but *two* pairs of African printed overalls from Royal Native. They are so fun, vibrant, unique, and different.  I ordered one pair and loved them so much, that I immediately ordered a second. If they weren’t all currently sold out, I would order a third pair (a girl can’t have too many crazy pairs of overalls, can she?)


The yellow overalls. They are described as "THE SEXY TOMBOY piece de resistance in your wardrobe," and I couldn't agree more.

The yellow overalls. They are described as “THE SEXY TOMBOY piece de resistance in your wardrobe,” and I couldn’t agree more.

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Allbirds Shoes

Before the holidays, one of my best friends introduced me to the most amazing wool shoes. She and her husband both have them in multiple colors. Made from New Zealand merino wool, they are lightweight, breathable, fashionable, chic, comfortable, (and warm)! (Links: women and men.) Not only are they good looking but they are a good price point ($95) for a shoe you will wear everyday!


Wool and good looking!!

Wool and good looking!! (These are a men’s pair I got for Ken.. I am buying a pair soon!)

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Little Circus

Totally biased, but I tend to think my kids are the cutest little munchkins in the world (#humblebrag) and people always ask me where I buy my clothes for them. EASIEST ANSWER EVER: Little Circus! Little Circus is an e-commerce site for kids clothes, toys, and gifts. It really has everything and anything that you want to buy for kids, and better yet, it is created, owned, and operated by my dear friend, Jenna Lonstein. Jenna is a hip, young, fashionable mother of two, who started this company several years ago. (Read on for a special promo code for Josie Girl readers!)


Jenna and her gorgeous family.

Jenna and her gorgeous family.

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Maison Labiche Sweatshirts

I am a huge fan of sweatshirts. If I could, I would wear them every day. And now I have found yet ANOTHER line of sweatshirts that I am royally obsessed with. And of course, it is French (bien sur), which makes it even cooler and better! In my mind, French = fancy, so I can wear these out to a dinner party, or even a gala, and be well dressed (in my dreams). Maison Labiche, everyone!


Maison Labiche, House of Female Deer.

Maison Labiche, House of Female Deer.

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Frame Denim

Just like Miranda Kerr (because, I am JUST SO like Miranda Kerr- ha ha), my newest jean obsession is Frame Denim.


Things we have in common: Both mothers of a baby boy, live in NYC, married to hot men, and love Frame denim. Call us soul sisters.

FRAME was founded in 2012 by Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson, both London-based Swedes (love them Swedes).  The two came together to create the perfect pair of jeans by “bringing together the quality and heritage of denim manufacturing in Los Angeles, with the influence of a London style, cut and fit.”  How chic are the Brits? Or the Swedes? Or the British-based Swedes?


Some of the jeans. I am in love with all the different washes.

The different washes of the jeans are innovative without being overly weird. Bright, interesting, and strong hues.  I am most obsessed with the light blue pair of Frame denim exclusive with Net-a-porter.

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Now that it is getting cold in NYC, it is time to bundle up. And this means, layers, layers, layers. When I was a little girl, I remember my mom telling me “It is the coldest day of the year (she would say this everyday regardless), so let me count the number of layers I have on,” and then she would go one by one, through each of the multiple layers of camisoles, short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters, etc…she had on.

If we dressed like that, we would end up like the Michelin Man, which is just not that flattering or cool. So, Uniqlo to the rescue. You don’t have to wear dozens of thin layers on top of one another. All you need is ONE base layer. Thank you, Uniqlo Heattech!

Uniqlo now sells online, which in itself is an absolutely amazing gift. Uniqlo offers so many good products, including the Jil Sander Uniqlo coats from last year, and this year the down coat collaboration with Theory! But best of all, is the Heattech!

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Post Pregnancy Clothes

One of the hardest things about just giving birth is getting dressed everyday. Yeah, I know, there are a lot of harder things ALSO going on (like juggling two kids, no sleep, nursing 24-7, wild crazy hormones and emotions, feelings of being overwhelmed, etc…), but one of my biggest current struggles is putting clothes on. For people who have HAD kids before, you know that the weight just doesn’t disappear once the baby is born (I had no idea the first time around — and also seemed to forget this time, too!) and you still look pregnant for quite a bit of time. Your stomach is swollen, your boobs are big (mine are HUGE HONKERS!) and your body is swollen. You look and feel like an alien. Not a very fun experience!

But there *ARE* some clothes that have helped me out with this transitional state (not pregnant and not my body).  Not that they have made me look like Gisele (remember what she looked like after giving birth??? — not fair for any woman to see pictures of her post-baby), but these clothes have made me feel like I am not a fat whale walking down Manhattan with the Giseles of the city. So here they are!

Hatch Sweatshirt

Recently, it seems like every fashion magazine and blog mentions the company “Hatch” and their amazing maternity gear. For good reason. The collection is absolutely fabulous. Stylish, comfortable, wearable during and post pregnancy, and flattering! This is an investment piece that one should get DURING pregnancy. I wore it during my pregnancy and can’t seem to take it off right now either. It is made out of the most luxurious Japanese terry, comes in four different colors (I have it in red), and looks great with leggings, tight jeans (yeah right at this point), pajama bottoms, and basically whatever floats your boat!


The hoodie comes in white, grey, navy and red. Classic colors with an edgier look.

Lululemon Astro Pants

These pants are impossible to take off. They are so comfortable that you can wear them all the time and feel great about your body because it covers up your tummy and has some flair to the hems so they cover swollen ankles. It makes you feel like you just worked out, when in fact, you haven’t!  Plus, you can use the waistband high to cover the flab, or lower to let your tummy breathe.

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