Currently Loving #2 April 2024

The days are long, the weeks are short, but here we are to almost May! So much has happened this month — mainly, going back to school (and teaching) after Spring Break, a cross country tip to visit schools, a family medical situation, more work, more rain, more running, more forgetfulness. Not sure what happened, but the month went WOOSH by. Now, I am getting ready to plan for summer, go BACK to the west coast for a marathon, finish up the school year, and all the other normal busy end of the year obligations. So apologies for the sporadic posts, I am committed to being more consistent going forward. And here is what I am currently loving:


1. Flowers in NYC


Nothing beats the flowers in the city in Springtime. My favorite thing is to look at the difference stages of all the tulips along Park Avenue, the various magnolia, cherry trees, the violets, the pansies, all the bright colors and smells. LOVE.

2. Trader Joe’s Spring Jangle


Holy crap, I bought this last week, and finished it in just a couple of days. It is right — a mixture of all the fan favorite sweets. So good, can’t wait to go back to Trader Joe’s and get lots more bags of this!


3. iFly


Helped with Tusia’s besties birthday party, where they took a party bus to fly in an air tunnel at IFly. Everything about it was so fun — especially this huge smile photo that terrifically captures the feeling of joy and flying!


4. Rainbow Bagel


Unicorn rainbow bagel — so fun and different. I also had a great interaction at the bagel store when I was buying it — a French man after me wanted to order “the most American item” but didn’t know how to speak English. And since I have spoken French my whole life, I helped him figure out what to get. Always love random interactions with strangers that are positive and feel good.


5. Funny sign


Made me laugh when I was driving.


6. Ping Pong Night


My daughter’s school put together a Middle School Ping Pong tournament — and it was a great family activity for a couple of hours during the week. I was a cheerleader and didn’t play myself, but it was fun to watch.


7. Fish Tail


I recently learned how to do a fish braid and I absolutely love the look of it!


8. Mandolin Hot Sauce


A friend gave this to me, and it is THE MOST DELICIOUS hot sauce I have ever had. I need to buy more of it because I put it on everything (and then say out loud “oh wow so spicy”)


9. Levain’s New Cookie


Tastes like a combination of a chewy and an Oreo. LOVE. SO RICH AND DELICIOUS.


10. Feathers Undies


Best undies in the world, hands down. And love the feeling of organizing and replenishing what was missing and old!


11. Family Time


We stayed with my uncle for a night in LA and loved going on a hike, cuddling with his dog, playing ping pong with him and his girlfriend, and just spending quality time together. Nothing beats family.


12. Flowers at ABCV


Handsdown favorite restaurant in NYC is ABCV, and hands down favorite flower arrangements are there. Look at this simple little beauty.



So that is what I am loving right now! Also, when the sunshine comes out, the new Taylor Swift albums, waking up not tired (hasn’t happened in a while), strong coffee, hot water with lemon, crisp rose, and days when I don’t have to wash my hair. What are you loving right now? Do share!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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