Currently Loving Paris Edition

Went on a quick 3 day trip to Paris last week to celebrate Tusia’s 12th birthday and there are so many highlights from the trip! Here is what I loved from Paris last week (and will always love)


1. The Random Street Art


is there anything more beautiful than art all over the streets of Paris? I could spend days just looking at the walls along the streets!

2. The Metro


The metro is an adventure in itself. Affordable, easy, and SO clean! We love taking it. We took it to the Taylor Swift concert in this photo, hence the sparkles.


3. Grandmas at Taylor Swift


People watching at Taylor Swift was incredible. And of the highlights was seeing all these older women dressed in sequins and sparkles — way more than you would think!


4. Nutella Crepes


NOTHING BETTER than street Nutella crepes. NOTHING.


5. Fresh Strawberries


Of, if anything is better than Nutella crepes, than it is the French strawberries in May and June — THAT is the best.


6. L’Orangerie


Even for 5 minutes inside to see the Water Lillies, L’Orangerie never disappoints.


7. Mother-Daughter Time


The whole point of our weekend was to be together — and that is priceless.


8. Jacques Genin Chocolates


Life is just a box of chocolates — and this box is DIVINE.


9. New Art Work 

I always love new art work on the streets of Paris — and love this juxtaposition of the shiny metal with the old buildings. I saw this one morning on the Seine on my run and found it quite beautiful.


10. Dior Exhibit


Always worth going to!


11. Embroidery at Dior


A room full of these beautiful white dresses with red embroidery. I love them all!

Look how gorgeous!


12. Preparation for Olympics Paris 2024


So many fun signs for Paris Olympics 2024.



There you have it — 12 things I love about Paris right now! And I could add a dozen more!!!! (or hundreds). Hope you have a great week — and promise to be more on top of these posts. I am back from the blur of travels and ready to write all about it!

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