Nothing is more comfortable than clogs (tied with birkenstocks, obvi), so when I found out about Clogmaster — custom fit clogs — I got super excited. While store bought clogs are already almost like the perfectly fit glass slippers, CUSTOM fit clogs seriously make me Cinderella. And yet again, an awesome product from my very own, Oregon (but available elsewhere!).




Clogmaster has been custom fitting and sourcing traditional clogs for 37 years (they were previously in L.A. but moved to Portland). Due to the degree of customization and measuring, you need to be fit in person, either in their main store in Portland, or during one of their visits on the road (they travel to Los Angeles twice a year, and NYC and Chicago once a year for appointment fittings). No online ordering.. yet (but once you get fit, reordering is easy).  New Yorkers —  stay tuned and sign up for their newsletter to find out when they are coming this fall!  I loved the process so much I am going to help the store owner Cecilia Tidlund (who does every custom fitting) line up her Big Apple schedule!


Looking around...

Looking around…I was so excited to get fitted, choose the color, the style, the sole, the works!


Some styles to choose from.


Clogs are much better than most shoes on your feet and back. Perfect for nurses, doctors, restaurant workers, teachers, hippies, EVERYONE.


Press — Cecilia was featured in the NYTimes in 2007 and 2010!


Check out the articles here and here. Great press — if the NY Times thinks someone is cool, they *are* cool. The fitting is amazing — Cecilia tests different sizes, widths, and tightness levels and can immediately tell what is best for you foot. It honestly feels like you are walking on air — so easy, so comfortable — a necessity.


Talking during the fitting.

Talking during the fitting. Cecilia was incredibly personable, funny, witty, and knowledgeable.


The fitting takes place in a basic black clog to get the right fit.

Inside the shoe.

Inside the shoe.

Cherry red.

Cherry red option that I fell in love with.


Soles. There are three different sole colors to choose from.

Leather color options.

Leather color options.

Patent leather color options.

Patent leather color options.

More colors.

More colors.

More patterns.

More patterns.

Red or pink?

Red or pink? I was having a hard time picking — and also threw in lime green to the mix. But in the end, I opted for the basic red color. Next time — lime green!

Josie Guy

The Josie Guy even ordered a pair (Cecilia says her clogs are even more popular with men).

Me and Cecilia.

Me and Cecilia. HOLLA!

Front of store.

Front of store — located in a random building in SE Portland.


It takes 3-5 weeks for the clogs to get measured and then shipped. I CAN’T WAIT to receive my first pair, and am looking forward to seeing Clogmaster and Cecilia again!  AH-MAZING. For more information on Clogmaster, and to find out about their Portland location or any of their fitting trips around the country, go here.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I saw Cecilia at her store in LA. I used to wear dance clogs until she told me how terrible they are. And now I see the light! Thank you, Cecilia!

  2. Sign me up for New York.. This looks really cool. @Jen Frank – What’s wrong with dance clogs?

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