MUJI Embroidered Socks

Three of my favorite things all combined together: socks, embroidery and MUJI! In recent months, a new MUJI opened nearby, which is the store that carries my all time favorite pens and umbrellas. So naturally, I went to pop in and see what other goodies they carry. Of course, I became even more excited when I found out that they have an embroidery station on site. This embroidery service allows customers to choose from over 300 embroidered designs and letters to add to any of the brand’s clothing or textile items. I chose socks — and as geeky as it sounds — I couldn’t be happier. But you could pick anything! Backpacks, fannypacks, jackets, bags, shirts, anything and everything. SO FUN!


Colors, font, pictures — so many options to choose from! I went with just my name. A little pop of humor and fun to my everyday outfit.

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Other Stories Socks

Currently, I am trying to dress more out of my comfort zone and take more risks. Like wearing ankle socks with skirts and pants, but showing off the socks. So in my attempt to be BRAVE, I searched high and low where to find the PERFECT ankle sock. And if you can believe it, it is way harder than one would expect! But thanks to the internet, Other Stories socks are the perfect ankle sock with pizazz, color, and fit!


And of course, I couldn’t just buy one, I had to get 4! And I cant wait to buy more….#hoarder

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Tabio Socks

I have been a big fan of Tabio socks for the past five years when I found them in a little store in the Marais district in Paris. Every time I went to Paris, I would stock up on them myself and buy presents too (nothing says I love you more than socks…). But I just discovered that Tabio is now sold online in the USA! Hands down, these are my favorite socks in my closet.


The socks arrive in this great origami package. A present within a present. All the little details are so Japanese — and so beautiful.

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Treibdesign Socks

As mentioned on Monday, my childhood friend,Kaspar and his wife, Ali, are back in the US and creating beautiful art and inspiration. Kaspar’s newest addition include prints, as well as “wave” socks. I love my friends and love supporting their creations and ideas, especially when they are as great as these.


Treibdesign stems from the word “treiben” which means “Transitive: to propel, to force, to produce, to sprout
Intransitive: to drift, to float”

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Tabio Socks

As you can see, I have a love for socks (Pause…read this article on People Who Wear Crazy Socks Are Smart). I can never have too many… the more the merrier. While Zkano is now my favorite US brand,  Tabio socks are my favorite foreign brand. I wrote about them 1.5 years ago, and they continue to be my favorite sock to stock up. On my recent trip to Paris, I bought several pairs as presents….but in the end, couldn’t give them away (they had me at “hello”).


The three pairs that I can't part with.

The three pairs that I can’t part with.

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Tabio Socks

Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement and support in regards to Ken becoming a rock star for the day…..Still feeling buzzed and pumped by the experience. Seriously, I am in love with the guys of OAR….and now I can’t stop listening to Peace. On repeat. Ten million times in the last 3 days. Call me obsessed. Watch out, Babers, you have COMPETITION. Anywho, back to reality. That reality, is socks. Yep, socks.


My mother’s go-to-present for everyone in the family is socks. Handmade knitted socks, skiing socks, everyday socks, fancy socks, socks, socks, socks, socks. As a result, I am fond of socks. I can never have too many and am always on the lookout for the new, best, prettiest, cutest sock (odd, quirky, and so me). So it was a perfect coincidence when I stumbled upon a sock store in Paris in October (was that really 2 months ago??). And not just any sock store — but a hip, high-end, and luxurious store. Tabio, is considered the hot and trendy sock. The sock is actually made in Japan by a crafts person. They come in all shapes and colors: ultra trendy, thigh highs, as well as models in cashmere, angora, lace, super soft wool. To view the various sock options, go here.



One of the pairs of socks that I purchased. Of course, it looks avant garde, tie dye, and artsy. It is the perfect thickness and height (not too high, not too low…Goldilocks a la socks).

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Me & Ewe

Once again, another friend who is uber talented, smart, beautiful, and accomplished. GEEZ, so inspiring it makes me in awe! My friend, Jennie, is truly an example of an exceptional woman; Harvard grad (not too shabby), mother of two (cutie pa tooties), blonde, beautiful, peppy, energetic, and NOW a founder of the company Me & Ewe. Damn lady. She is also married to the co-founder of OK Cupid (No Big Deal, just some website that matches up MILLIONS of people each year and creates happily-ever-afters) and has entrepreneurial blood running through her veins. Me & Ewe is a sock company — made for kids and adults to match. The idea is fresh, fun, and fabulous. Take a look! So impressed, excited, and thrilled for Jennie’s new company.

I mean, how adorable is this lady? Selling her socks old-school.

I mean, how adorable is this lady? Selling her socks old-school at a children’s library. Everything in this picture is just too cheeky cute.

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Need a simple stocking stuffer? Fun socks are always the perfect gift as they fit everyone; are bright, colorful and cheery; and come in a range of prices. Socks are like candles: everyone loves them but will not splurge on them for themselves… they are a perfect, easy gift. I try to get Ken to wear fun socks to work with his suits. Help push the movement. No more boring dark work socks!

Add some flavor to your Josie Guy’s suit!

Here are my top sock choices, for you or your guy (excluding my hand knit socks from my mother that I get for every holiday).

Corgi Socks

Cotton, wool, and cashmere options are available at Corgi, an old school English company.


Hello fun stripes!

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