Uniqlo Heattech Turtlenecks

I have always loved Uniqlo as the qualities and prices are unbeatable. And even more specifically, I love any of their Heattech products — they truly make such a difference and keep your body warm. Seems impossible that a tiny piece of clothing can actually keep you warm, but it works. Trust me. And all of a sudden, this Fall, I have been drawn to turtlenecks (a new thing for me) and you cannot beat the Uniqlo turtlenecks. They are actually magic. They are thin, weightless, inexpensive ($19), look great, and keep you so warm! I wear my striped ones all the time, so much that I just ordered two new ones (a yellow and a black one).


I love it as a base layer (under a sweater) or as the main top! Can’t go wrong. For sizing — I wear an XS and feel like it is the perfect fit. They are so good looking and can you believe that they cost 20 bucks. 20 BUCKS!!!!

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Now that it is getting cold in NYC, it is time to bundle up. And this means, layers, layers, layers. When I was a little girl, I remember my mom telling me “It is the coldest day of the year (she would say this everyday regardless), so let me count the number of layers I have on,” and then she would go one by one, through each of the multiple layers of camisoles, short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters, etc…she had on.

If we dressed like that, we would end up like the Michelin Man, which is just not that flattering or cool. So, Uniqlo to the rescue. You don’t have to wear dozens of thin layers on top of one another. All you need is ONE base layer. Thank you, Uniqlo Heattech!

Uniqlo now sells online, which in itself is an absolutely amazing gift. Uniqlo offers so many good products, including the Jil Sander Uniqlo coats from last year, and this year the down coat collaboration with Theory! But best of all, is the Heattech!

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