Taylor Swift Pajamas

Instagram ads finally got me! I bought my FIRST instagram targeted ad purchase — and I couldn’t be any happier. TAYLOR SWIFT PAJAMAS. Yep, Instagram is smart!!!!!! I know, I know, I know, not Natori Pajamas (Natori pajamas are the best — other than these), but somehow I have to convince my mother-in-law to make Taylor Swift pajamas. Until then, these are amazing, and I love everything about them: cute, great price, comfy, and current!


Taylor! And yes, I had to get them for my daughter, too! I couldn’t resist. She is an XS (too big but whatever!) and I got a S for myself. We are both huge fans of the pajamas (and TSwift, too!)

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Natori Wish List

Yes, one would think that I would always have all the newest products from Natori, but truth is, unless I order them for myself, I don’t get them. And in order to order them, I have to browse the Natori website, which happens way less frequently than I would like. But this past week, I was able to scroll online and I found SOOOOOO many items that I want slash need! Here they are!


1. Shangri-La V Neck Chemise


All the items from the Natori Shangri-La collection are top notch quality and comfort. They are my go-to items for any gift — classic, simple, soft, and flattering. This new silhouette seems great for the transition to Fall. I can’t wait to get one of these!

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Natori Odessa PJ Set

Nothing says pajama party more than luxurious silky pajamas! So last week when a friend was visiting from out of town, she received a pair of Natori Odessa PJs to hang out in. They are bold, jewel toned colors and oh so pretty.


Look at her! So chic and glamorous walking the puppy in these glamorous Odessa pajamas! And of course, she’s the most fashionable person ever, so that helps, too.

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The Great Loungewear

Yes, my favorite luxurious loungewear of all time is Natori, but sometimes a good cotton and hippy set hits the spot. The Great knitwear is exactly that — 100% cotton, comfy, relaxed, and easy. It is BEYOND soft and oh so dreamy. I bought a limited collection that was already tie dyed, but you can purchase your own and dye it yourself.


Love everything about this combo.

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Natori Luxe Shangri-La Notch PJ

It is official. I am old and now like to wear pajamas around the house…obviously, Natori pajamas. Soon, I will like robes (haven’t graduated to that stage yet in my life). And I say this in a sincerely  —  these Natori Luxe Shangri-La Notch pajamas are luxuriously soft, feminine, practical, and absolute perfect. FTW.


Classic with a twist of lace.

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Top Natori Sleepwear Gifts

Recently, a lot of friends have asked me for my top Natori sleepwear gifting ideas.  Here you go!




1. Natori Enchant PJ


Young, flirty, and comfortable.


A classic for summer or winter, I love the short and cami of this set. It comes in several colors, all great choices. Ot is a great set to wear around the house, or on vacation, and will always make you feel sexy, cool, and fun.


2. Natori Ginza Embroidery PJ


Special flare.


This new pajama set definitely will make anyone feel special. The regal red and the chic gold dramatic embroidery add to the special feel of the set. It is also extremely comfortable with drawstring shorts and a long sleeved button up. A great set as a present.


3. Natori Luxe Shangri-La Notch PJ


One of the most comfortable pajamas you’ll ever touch.

One of my all time favorite Natori groups is Shangri-La — all of the robes, chemises, nightgowns and pajamas are incredibly soft and comfortable. They are simple and understated, but soft and sensual. You can never go wrong with these pajamas — they are just classic and reliable.


4. Natalie Pants




These pants are velvet and lace —  the ultimate combination. The front has an elastic waistband with drawstring and the lace applique at pant hem looks super beautiful. Great for a lounge piece or to wear out at night!


5. L’amour Chemise




I love this l’amour chemise. I mean, Natori in general makes the most perfect chemises, but this is to die for gorgeous. Silky satin, delicate lace, ever so romantic. I can’t get enough.


So there you have it, my top 5 favorite Natori sleepwear gift ideas.  Happy final days of holiday shopping!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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Natori Botanica PJ

Last week, Ken came home from work to find me and the kids lying in our pajamas reading books. Not that this was an unusual sight at all, but I was in brand new Natori pajamas and he didn’t blink an eye. When I asked him what he thought of my new pajamas, he said that he thought I was wearing a new outfit (vs new pajamas). One of the many reasons I love my husband is that he is oblivious to my crazy patterned clothes and outfits — to him, this set of pajamas was a new outfit. I do have to give him credit though, because the pajama outfit is a current trend and more and more people are dressing in beautiful silky looking pajamas for a night look. See this article from two weeks ago in US Weekly of “Celebrities are Rocking Pajamas Like Streetwear.”


These are NOT the new pajamas — this was me at a store trying on a pajama STREETWEAR look. I was intrigued by the idea, but then didn’t end up buying it….

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Sunny with an A

As I get older, my network of awesome and talented women keeps expanding (one of the many upsides of getting older).  One of my newest mom friends, Sana, happens to be nice, smart, sweet, inclusive, open, interesting, beautiful, and inspiring. And not only is Sana a great person, but she is also the founder of kid’s pajama company, Sunny with an A.  I recently bought a pair for Tusia, and she literally will not take them off — they are amazingly soft, perfectly thought out, and super colorful. Take a look at the interview below, and thank you, Sana! (And mom, it may be time to start doing kids!)



Sunny, indeed.

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Josie Pink Pajamas

Although not a millennial, I looooooove millennial pink. I mean, come on, what is not to love about the perfect blush / pale pink? It is a neutral, but with a tiny surprise, full of romance and hope. And now Josie has not one but TWO perfect pajamas in this delicious color. Both sets are soft, luxurious, comfortable, and desirable.


The color of the moment. A grapefruit shade of apricotty salmon.

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Inside Natori: Talia, Josie Designer

Over here at the Josie Girl Blog, we thought it would be fun to have employees from The Natori Company share how they incorporate the House of Natori into their every day wardrobes. So first up is the super cool, super young, super HIP designer of the contemporary Josie collection, Talia. She has been with Natori for a couple of years, and has brought a great new energy and direction to Josie, under the tutelage of my mother in law Josie Natori. So here she is… thank you, Talia!



Hi Everyone! This is Talia (the Josie designer) taking over for the Josie Girl! This past weekend I enjoyed some much needed time in the ‘country’ with my husband, sister, and brother in law. We rented the cutest little cottage in Barryville, New York- just a short 2 hour drive from the city. The cottage was surrounded by lush greenery, fresh air and best of all decorated with an eclectic charm!


The perfect cottage with a red door.

The perfect cottage with a red door. And the matching flowers and pillows on the lounge chair. Nice coordination.

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Josie Enchanted Garden PJ Set

I am not joking when I say that my new favorite pajamas are the Josie Enchanted Garden PJ set. They are perfection. Great for cold weather, hot weather, alone, surrounded by other people, cute, flirty, fun, and oh so comfortable. Terrific to lay around the house while looking put together, chic, and fashionable in your pajamas.


They come in two different color ways: one in

They come in two different color ways: one in hibiscus and one in coral.

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Roberta Roller Rabbit

I have been a big fan of Roberta Roller Rabbit since my son was born seven years ago. The kids and I love the prints, the softness, and the ease of the pajamas. Additionally, all our master bedroom bedding is from RRR as well. I had the opportunity to interview Roberta Freymann, Founder and President of the company, along with her team at Roberta Roller Rabbit, so please read on for more on the company!


My kids almost exclusively wear Roberta Roller Rabbit pajamas. Here, in this sunset picture in Mexico, Cruzzie is wearing one of his many pairs.

My kids almost exclusively wear Roberta Roller Rabbit pajamas. Here, in this sunset picture in Mexico, Cruzzie is wearing one of his many pairs.


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Natori Sahara Sleepshirt / Beach Coverup

Readers- First off, thanks so much for your support / comments / emails after my post on Monday.  It was a much more personal and vulnerable post than normal. Although I am a still uncomfortable about being so exposed on the internets (why hello fertility treatments), I am glad I went out on a limb. And all your support and feedback makes it all worth it… On to today’s post!


My favorite go-to pajama (other than a tee shirt and undies) is a classic sleepshirt. And now, Natori has created the best sleepshirt of them all. White, crisp, cotton with embroidery! I brought it with us on spring break vacation last week, but instead of sleeping in it, I used it as a beach cover up! Multifunctional, beautiful, and comfortable!


The look. And don't mind the background -- can it be any more beautiful? DAMN I was a lucky girl....

The look. And don’t mind the background — can it be any more beautiful? DAMN I was a lucky girl….

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Everyone is doing it, so just do it, too! (peer pressure!) The Natori Company is launching a social media effort called #NatoriNights. And it is exactly what you think, a display of one’s nighttime routine (hopefully in Natori pajamas!) So, you too should post (via instagram / facebook / twitter / blog / whatever) your #NatoriNights. Here is my (super glamorous) nighttime routine. I want to hear how you all wind down each night, and celebrate the end of your day. Do share.


Night with Natori! The best type of nights. Night with Natori! The best type of nights. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Night with Natori! The best type of nights. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2014

Mother’s Day is around the corner….literally, 6 days away! So time to get online, double click, and get yo mama some Natori gear! And this year, there is so much goodness at Natori that it is hard to dwindle down a selection. Everything at Natori is on fire right now. Seriously, you could go to www.natori.com, close your eyes, randomly start clicking on items and voila, you would have the perfect gift for your mother. All of the items are beautiful, luxurious, stylish, comfortable, and must have. But since that is not reality, here is my MOTHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE. Enjoy, and special treat: you get 20% off orders of $250 or more with the code LOVEMOM2014 at checkout (through May 11th)!

Happy mother's day!

Happy Mother’s day!

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Josie Hollywood Boho Pant

New season (it is Spring, right? NOT in NYC…) so new lounge pants from Josie! These Josie Hollywood Boho pants (now sold out) are perfection; the right combination of slinky and luxurious,  cozy and bohemian. The vibrant print is an ultra-soft woven with colorblock detail, and the drawstring waist is easy to wear. These pants are the right choice to slip on to when lounging around the house, whether it is daytime or nighttime.


How cool and boho does the Josie model look in the whole ensemble?

How cool and boho does the Josie model look in the whole ensemble?

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Spicy Essentials Sleepshirt

I am craving the nights where I don’t have to wear slippers, sweatpants, long tees, sweatshirts, and robes to bed! I am so sick of this Winter, specifically the cold! And hopefully soon, I can wear just a sleepshirt to bed, and be warm enough. SOON knock on wood. I am super excited about wearing the Josie Spicy Essentials Sleepshirt — and it is exactly that — spicy AND essential.

Spicy! Bright!

Spicy! Bright!

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Winter Jammies

Winter Jammies! Time to get some good looking pajamas for those family holiday nights. Goodbye t-shirt and undies, hello beautiful. Here are my top three ensembles for winter nights.

Natori Essence PJ

I am the first one to admit that I prefer undies and tees to pajamas (ironic, don’t you think?). But as I get older, I am more attracted to the retro and sophisticated, old-school pajama look. Classic, chic, feminine, and practical.  I love the Essence PJ, and the fabric is a perfect combination of sateen and cotton, making it silky but breathable.

essence PJ

The Essence PJ comes in four different colors: black, blue, rose, and blush.

real life

Real life model. How cute would it be if all the ladies and guys wore these on Christmas morning? I love the idea.

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