Tie Dye

Tie Dye is the new Black. And not just in Eugene, Oregon. EVERYWHERE, tie dye is the new look, the new print, the new style. And of course, as someone who used to own dozens of tie-dye shirts (for real, not for costumes), I have fully embraced this trend and support anyone who can pull it off without looking like me in 7th grade (with mullet, braces, perm, and tie dye. HOLLA!)

IM jeans

Isabel Marant Jeans were sold out instantly.

IM jacket

This Isabel Marant jacket was also a big hit -- that went with a big price tag, too.


Upstate, a local NYC company, is known for its free spirited, unique, and exotic prints. They produce special pieces and are sold in various boutiques around the country.

Natori has some amazing tie-dye pieces as well. Here are my top three favorite Natori tie-dye looks:

The first is the Rain Drops Robe. The colors are soothing and peaceful, great right after a bath and before bed.

JN raindrop

Silky and smooth.

I also love the Kai Caftan. I want to be like Rachel Zoe and rock the caftan look without looking like I am a middle aged Hawaiian lady hanging out in a mumu.

Kai caftan

LOVE the clors. LOVE the shape. LOVE the name (Kai is Cruzzie's middle name). LOVE the look.

And my last favorite Natori tie-dye piece is the Anzu Sequin Skirt. This skirt is fun, high-fashion, abstract, unusual, and glamorous. The combination of the splash of painted colors with the sequins make it a boho-fabulous outfit.



Check out natori.com for some more vibrant, unusual, on trend, fun TIE-DYE LOOKS! Who knew that Eugenians would ever be considered stylish? Love it.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Not sure if I can pull off the tie-dye jeans but I definitely like the look

  2. I just bought a tie dye dress.. obsessed!! did you see the asymmetrical tie-dye dress that Leighton Meester wore last month to her movie premier… so fun!

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