The Wearable Sleeping Bag

I know that it is almost Spring, but it has been freezing in NYC. So cold that I have been wearing my “wearable sleeping bag” and let me tell you — IT IS AMAZING AND WARM AND THE BEST. This wearable sleeping bag is from Selk’Bag and comes in every size for the whole family!


It is exactly what it sounds like — a sleeping bag that you wear. It is warm, comfortable, and absolutely perfect for outdoor hikes, sport watching, walking the dog, sitting by the fire – you name it.

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Astis Ski Mittens

HOLY SMOKES I AM IN LOVE WITH MY NEW SKI MITTENS. They are truly perfection — colorful, artistic, and most importantly so warm and cozy. These mittens, made by Astis, are beautiful and designed especially for skiing. Each individual pair is created using natural materials from the highest quality suede leather. They are lined with dry-wicking Polartec Thermal to keep your hands dry, and each mitten is hand stitched in the USA.


Look at them! Aren’t they beautiful? I am obsessed. I wore them everyday in Sunriver over Christmas Break, and I will ski with them for years.

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Natori Elite Lace Trim V-Neck Cami

Last week when I gave myself a self closet cleanse, I realized that all my camisoles were worn out, stained, and too long. Since I wear camisoles under my clothes all winter long to keep me warm, I went on to to search for the perfect new camisole to replace all the tired old ones. And sure enough, I found the elite lace trim v-neck cami, so I bought one in black and one in white. This camisole is the perfect layer or pretty enough to wear alone.


The perfect fit as it is cropped and sits just below the waist line. The straps are adjustable.

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Shearling Slippers

The best gift to myself this holiday season was a pair of Jenni Kayne Shearling Slippers. Although I am madly in LOVE with my Natori cheetah slippers I posted last month, they are more for warm and hot evenings, rather than cold winter nights. So when walking up Madison Avenue en route to my daughter’s school in December, I couldn’t help but pop in to the Jenni Kayne store and buy these luxurious and cozy slippers. Yes, they are an investment, but I have lived in them since I bought them — so they are worth the splurge if you count cost per wear. They are like walking on a cloud — warm, fuzzy, and soft.


Couldn’t help but include the slippers with a picture of Stevie! Both so cuddly and cute!

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Madewell x Warm Jean Shorts

One of my favorite clothing lines is Warm. Not only is it my favorite store in NYC (it carries all different lines not just Warm) but I am also friends with the designer, Winnie, who I love, respect, and adore. Everything Winnie does is GOLD and her style is impeccable. When she launched a collaboration with Madewell, I knew that I would love everything. Sure enough, I do. But especially the high rise denim shorts. LOVE oh love! They are so comfortable and the perfect fit. It comes with a belt that you can tie, but I prefer it without…. If you are looking to support small businesses, smart people, and a good look, then these are the shorts for you!


Shorts. Perfect color and fit.

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Uniqlo Heattech Turtlenecks

I have always loved Uniqlo as the qualities and prices are unbeatable. And even more specifically, I love any of their Heattech products — they truly make such a difference and keep your body warm. Seems impossible that a tiny piece of clothing can actually keep you warm, but it works. Trust me. And all of a sudden, this Fall, I have been drawn to turtlenecks (a new thing for me) and you cannot beat the Uniqlo turtlenecks. They are actually magic. They are thin, weightless, inexpensive ($19), look great, and keep you so warm! I wear my striped ones all the time, so much that I just ordered two new ones (a yellow and a black one).


I love it as a base layer (under a sweater) or as the main top! Can’t go wrong. For sizing — I wear an XS and feel like it is the perfect fit. They are so good looking and can you believe that they cost 20 bucks. 20 BUCKS!!!!

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Onepiece Onesies!

While we have thawed out a little bit the last two days, it was FRIGID in NYC for the days and weeks before. To top it off, our heat hasn’t been working that well in our apartment. Double whammy. Thankfully, we have these incredible onesies from Norwegian company Onepiece to keep us warm and happy. They were given to us by our dear friends for a 40th birthday celebration last March. They were so great for that special weekend and I can’t wait to wear them the rest of the winter!


Never ever have I met a jumpsuit I didn’t love.

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Natori Cable Knit Sherpa Robe

Before I talk about my new robe obsession, I have to discuss something that makes me so happy; Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton dating. YUP, I know, totally pathetic and oh-so-weird, but I am a huge fan of The Voice. And I kinda feel like I did watching Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf when they were together – same type of butterflies and happiness.  Gwen and Blake are just too cute, and oh so fun. So watch this. I promise you that you will laugh and smile.


Gwen and Blake. My pals.

Gwen and Blake. My pals.

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Fingerless Gloves

Winter is here in NYC, which means it’s hat, glove, scarf, and mitten time. One has to bundle up to survive the cold. However, doing errands (especially pushing a stroller, carrying kids, picking up toy cars and airplanes) is almost impossible with normal gloves.  My new jam?  Fingerless gloves! They are warm, cozy, and give you the freedom and flexibility to move your fingers around. PLUS, they look cool. Kind of like leg warmers for your wrists.

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Upstate Sweatshirt

I love tie-dye. Tie-dye is TO-DIE for. Especially when it is on a hoodie sweatshirt. I mean, can you get a better combination than that???? That combo is like peanut butter and jelly. Or cookies and milk. Or toast and butter. It just makes perfect sense and goes together hand in hand. So, thank you Upstate for making the most amazing and awesome sweatshirts. It is my dream come true!

Upstate is a Brooklyn based company that designs (and hand dyes) garments with a technique known as shibori. Shibori is an ancient Japanese tradition of dyeing cloth using several different methods of binding, folding, or compressing the fabric. The look creates an artsy array of patterns and textures.


Love the contrast in colors, the geometric consistency, and overall look of this Upstate piece!


Here is me from September in an Upstate dress. Super easy, fun, unique, and summery. LOVE.

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Padraig Cottage Slippers

Sometimes, during the holidays, you just need to give yourself a present. This year, I gifted myself a pair of slippers. Not very glamorous or sexy, fashionable or trendy, exciting or new; but incredibly practical, happy, cozy, and warm. So to me, these slippers feel like diamond earrings.

cozy slippers

Hippy on the outside, extravagant on the inside.

Padraig Cottage slippers are my new jam. These slippers are made from New Zealand wool, coupled with a plush sheepskin lining for the ultimate cozy and warm dream. And dream, it is! Like a soft, marshmallow, cushion-y HEAVEN. The hand-dyed crochet wool lets your feet move and breathe without being overly restricted or stuffed.

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Now that it is getting cold in NYC, it is time to bundle up. And this means, layers, layers, layers. When I was a little girl, I remember my mom telling me “It is the coldest day of the year (she would say this everyday regardless), so let me count the number of layers I have on,” and then she would go one by one, through each of the multiple layers of camisoles, short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters, etc…she had on.

If we dressed like that, we would end up like the Michelin Man, which is just not that flattering or cool. So, Uniqlo to the rescue. You don’t have to wear dozens of thin layers on top of one another. All you need is ONE base layer. Thank you, Uniqlo Heattech!

Uniqlo now sells online, which in itself is an absolutely amazing gift. Uniqlo offers so many good products, including the Jil Sander Uniqlo coats from last year, and this year the down coat collaboration with Theory! But best of all, is the Heattech!

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My New Favorite Perfume

I am not a big perfume person.  I also have never really understood why perfumes are so ridiculously expensive.  I now see the light, thanks to an in-house scent made at Warm, one of the most incredible boutiques of all time. (The overall boutique will definitely be the subject of a future post.). In any case, everything about this boutique is absolutely fabulously fantastic. And their perfume is also to die for. Not too strong, not too bold. Just the perfect amount of warmth and spice.


You can purchase the scent online or in the store. The website currently only sells their fragrance oil, but it is worth it to buy online just cause.

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