Natori Summer Blues

Every summer, we go to our dear friends’ home in Sonoma to celebrate a weekend with many of our Stanford Business School friends. It has happened the past 8 summers and is always one of the best weekends of the year. We lounge, hike, eat, indulge, rollerskate, and laugh. OOOHHHH we laugh and it is so fun. It is also our second time we have picked a theme of an evening — in 2019 we did Sunset Hues.


Sunset Hues. That was our guideline — and everyone could dress how they wanted to.

This year, we decided that the theme would be Natori Summer Blues. So, Ken (thank you!) brought (in his carry on), not only my rollerskates, but also outfits for everyone to wear.


The gang all dressed in Natori Summer Blues.


We went out to eat that evening, and not only ran into someone we knew from NYC (the odds!) but we had so much fun laughing in our Summer Blues.


Even the men wore Natori!

The women!

I absolutely love this short caftan — so gorgeous.

And this slip is also fun — I put on a sweater once we left the house….I am not one to bare that much skin.

Out at the restaurant, showing that loungewear can truly be worn outside of the house, too!



There you go, Natori Summer Blues! Which I definitely have….don’t want summer to end…. And shop the Natori Men’s Loungewear collection here!



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