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I love tie-dye. Tie-dye is TO-DIE for. Especially when it is on a hoodie sweatshirt. I mean, can you get a better combination than that???? That combo is like peanut butter and jelly. Or cookies and milk. Or toast and butter. It just makes perfect sense and goes together hand in hand. So, thank you Upstate for making the most amazing and awesome sweatshirts. It is my dream come true!

Upstate is a Brooklyn based company that designs (and hand dyes) garments with a technique known as shibori. Shibori is an ancient Japanese tradition of dyeing cloth using several different methods of binding, folding, or compressing the fabric. The look creates an artsy array of patterns and textures.


Love the contrast in colors, the geometric consistency, and overall look of this Upstate piece!


Here is me from September in an Upstate dress. Super easy, fun, unique, and summery. LOVE.

Upstate sells many amazingly fun and unique, different items at a variety of stores. But of course, my favorite is the hoodie sweatshirt, an exclusive collaboration with Warm (Can Warm ever do anything NOT AMAZINGLY COOL????) Here are some pictures of me rocking out in the tie-dye hoodie.

headless shot

Headless shot to get the FULL take of how awesome this sweatshirt is.

I can fly!

I can fly!


Back it up, back it up!


Rocking out the tie-dye in the middle of Manhattan. In clogs. And a vest. Don’t shoot me because I look overly West Coast. Just LOVE ME! (And pretend that the whole ensemble is way better than what I randomly threw on for an outing to get frozen yogurt.)



I next want to get this top from Upstate. It is beautiful, romantic, fresh, and so-Eugene.

rocking top

This top is OH SO FUN!

I hope you love Upstate as much as I do! Check out their website, and fall in love with the 60s! Tie-dye will never go out of style!

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