As a fitness-buff with an unconventional professional career (math tutoring and blogging), I wear workout gear more than normal clothes. I know, embarrassingly true, but between workout and kid activities, it is hard for me to get (properly) dressed and am therefore often “that mom.” So when I stumbled across Carbon38, a new website with athletic gear catering to fashion-forward women, I was in hog heaven.



Carbon38 is a new website, started by two young, athletic, and fit women, Katie and Caroline (yet again, another example of a young talented and beautiful duo kicking tush. Go Ladies!).  Their goal is to combine the worlds of fashion and fitness.

Katie and Caroline.

Katie and Caroline.

They offer a great selection of brands.  Check out these two amazing pairs of pants I bought this summer. Talk about F-U-N !!!!

Crazy prints by the brand

Crazy prints by the brand Onzie.

Hello, amazing.

Hello, amazing.

Striking a pose.

Striking a pose.


Bird pattern makes my fly like a bird.

In addition to selling awesome gear on their site, they also have a tastemaker tab with great content, including bi-monthly interviews of a celebrity — which is always a quick treat. And randomly, they featured Ken’s cousin, Nicole Winhoffer earlier this summer! Coincidence or FATE!

taste maker

Katie and Caroline sat down with me for a fun interview for all of us Josie Girls. Thank you, Katie and Caroline! Don’t forget to check out their site and purchase some goodies.

How would you describe Carbon38? Who is your target audience?

Carbon38 is the premier e-commerce destination for fashion-forward activewear.  We sell sportswear labels designed by the hottest fitness apparel designers from around the world. We are targeting trendsetting women who want to look and feel their best.  These women are looking for novelty activewear that they can wear from studio to street.

How did you come up with the concept of Carbon38?

On one hand, we found that there were hundreds of brands around the world and there lacked a luxury platform for distribution.  On the other hand, our customer is looking for a net-a-porter shopping experience where they can curate and style their own looks.

Maybe I am super blonde (which I am), but what does “Carbon38” represent or mean?

Haha, people ask us all the time! We were looking for something scientific and gender neutral.

Are you two big fitness buffs? If so, what do you like to do for your workouts?

We love to workout.  Katie teaches at Physique 57 so you will be seeing me (Caroline) regularly taking her class.  We are also huge fans of Maha Yoga in LA, Body by Simone, and SLT.

Any fitness secrets you are able to share?

It’s important to mix up your workout routine and not do the same thing everyday.  Also, having a healthy balance – working out too much can sometimes cause fatigue and overeating.  Getting enough sleep and rest is just as important as going to the gym!

What is your current favorite workout pant?

We are huge fans of Lucas Hugh and Michi.  They are incredibly sexy and can easily transition outside of the gym.

Lucas High

Lucas High



What is your current favorite workout top?

We love Spiritual Gangster.  It’s perfect for sweaty summer workouts.

Spiritual Gangster.

Spiritual Gangster.

You don’t sell shoes on your site, but what is your go-to-fitness shoe?

Definitely Newton Running Shoes.  They’re super supportive, comfortable and stylish.  We love wearing them to Body by Simone dance cardio class!

Newton Running shoes. Helllloooo color.

Newton Running shoes. Helllloooo color.

If you could interview ANYONE for your site and find out their fitness advice / beauty tips, who would it be? Why?

Hands down Miranda Kerr or Christy Turlington.  Who wouldn’t want to know their routine!

What is your ultimate goal with Carbon38?

We are starting to create exclusive collections with some of the hottest activewear designers.  Stay tuned for this fall!

What are people buying?  Any interesting insights?

Yes, we definitely see a difference in style on each coast.  That said, we are amazed at the response.  Women are really looking for new and novel pieces and are excited to take their gym clothes up a notch.

If you could have any brand on your website, what would it be?

Wouldn’t it be cool if Chanel had a workout line?

When you are not in your workout gear, what are your favorite designers to wear?

For everyday, we are big fans of Alexander Wang and J. Brand.  Katie and I wear almost the same thing everyday – T by Alexander Wang T-Shirt, J Brand neoprene jeans, converse and a Zara Jacket.  To dress it up, I have been loving jumpsuits and bought three this summer.  I just got a Matthew Williamson green floral jumpsuit that I’m in love with.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Fro yo loaded with toppings and margaritas.

Are you both as into a healthy lifestyle (food, way of life) as you are with your exercise?

We are very into the entire healthy lifestyle.  As former ballet dancers, we have been living a healthy lifestyle ever since we were very young.  Exercising daily, eating plenty of veggies, eating enough protein, drinking lots of water and getting at least 7 hours of sleep is a must.


Thank you, Katie, Caroline and Carbon38! Have a terrific rest of the week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Thanks for featuring more inspiring women. Congratulations Katie and Caroline. Looks very cool!

  2. Thank you JG! Awesome interview! Go Carbon38 🙂 very inspiring ladies..defo will be checking out!

  3. omg – i can totally see those pants on you – so cute! and fun! just like someone else i know!

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