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I am currently on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington State in the San Juan Islands. It is incredibly beautiful with its lush green mountains, crystal clear lakes, Cascade Mountain views, and the Pacific Ocean. It is literally a summer dream, except for the fact that it is quite brisk and on the colder side. Going into the week I had no idea about the chilly temperatures, so when I got to Seattle with ONE sweatshirt, I ended up at the Nike Store (in Seattle) and bought a windbreaker. Yes, it was a spur of the moment purchase, but I am SO happy with it, I can’t seem to take it off (and not just because I need it). It is lightweight, retro stylish, cool, unique, and the perfect layer on piece.  I plan to wear it on runs, casually, and basically, all day everyday!


Retro windbreaker — both the design, the look, and the color. But I love it!

I also want to buy it for my kids — make them all sporty and sassy for the Fall! So many fun colors to choose from — I can’t decide which ones to get….


Although the fabric is thin, it actually keeps you quite warm and toasty — the perfect windbreaker.


And sorry for the silence this week. The wifi on the island was EXTREMELY weak and took forever to load so I just gave up and didn’t do blog work….so-rry. But now back at it again!

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  1. Love the retro look plus the muted colors on the windbreaker. Great choice!

  2. I totally had a Nike windbreaker as a kid but the color and style is much nicer now. I think I just might pick one up for the fall season!

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