Leopard Print Midi Skirt

I am a sucker for anything leopard print. I have always loved anything leopard but when it recently became on trend, I couldn’t help but buy anything and everything leopard. Over the past several years, I have collected a rather large assortment of leopard items. So when I read the article in the NYTimes about the Leopard Print Midi Skirt being a must have, and since it was the ONE item that I didn’t own in leopard, I knew that I had to join the trend (in this case, yes a follower). It arrived earlier this week and I am IN LOVE. LOVE oh so much. And by the way, I scoured the internet searching for the perfect leopard midi skirt, and ended up on the first one the NY Times recommended. I LOVE IT.


It is silk, comfortable, easy to wear.

Truly a neutral.

Elastic waist.

Flowy bottom.

Bronze and black.


As the NYTimes article pointed out “It’s sexy, but not too sexy for work, and looks good on everyone. It suits all body shapes, and because it’s made from silk and drapes just beautifully.” And I agree 100 percent. The skirt is made by Realisation Par. It is the Naomi skirt in the print “wild things.” PLEASE NOTE that the sizing is off — it is runs small. I am typically an XS and I got this skirt in that size, and I can’t put it over my bottom or hips. Size up at least one size! It fits once on, but is so hard to get on or off, my goodness gracious. But I love it regardless.


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  1. This animal print trend is wonderful. I love it so much and this skirt looks like a must have for my closet.

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