Quick Paris Trip With Josie Natori

This past weekend, I was a true jetsetter and flew to Paris for a getaway with my mother-in-law. Yes, spoiled. Yes, privileged.  Yes, extravagant. But oh so fun and wonderful. As I age (thank you, 40), I realize that time together with loved ones becomes more and more important. And even though we live in the same city, I rarely have the opportunity to sit down with my mother-in-law just to be together.  We had a great time, simply walking around, shopping, eating, drinking champagne, conversing, and soaking up the beauty of Paris. Here are pictures. Enjoy!


I am a giant compared to my oh so glamorous MIL….

Relaxing in the sunshine! This might be the only time I have ever seen her in flats!!! And this was only her second time ever to enter this park — even though it is 1 mile away from her apartment!!!!

The feel of the apartment…..oh so chic. Oh so french.

Even the clouds are chic.

Nutella on a crepe when walking, YES PLEASE. If only I could eat that everyday….

Rollerskates are the big trend in Paris — which I am so happy to see — and every shop had rollerskates on display!

Lunch. Didn’t matter what I ate. It was oh so beautiful.

ROLLERSKATES in extra large size, my true heaven. And leopard on it!

OH so fun.

I met up — randomly — thank you social media — with a friend from my hometown. She now lives in Austria but was in Paris giving a talk. So I convinced her to come to the flea market with us (and her daughter).

We bought the same turquoise rings at the flea market.

Checking out the selection.

I want all of these chairs


The staircase in the apartment building.

This is my mother in law and her good friend, Olivier. Olivier is the creative director of Guerlain and is 77 (!!!!) and did my makeup at my wedding. I love him as he is passionate, interested, interesting, and honest. He told me “I dress like I am poor.”

MAN, can she shop.

Never gets old.

The aftermath of the Notre Dame fire….

Louis Vuitton Foundation.

Inside the museum.


Selfie in infinite mirror.

Sunrise on the day we left. A bientot!


Thank you to my mother in law for an incredible weekend — such a special place!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Lol at the “you dress like you are poor” comment! Also- I’m running a marathon this weekend. It’s my third but has been a while since my last one and I’d love to know what fuel you use and if you have anything special you do in the days before a marathon that you think are important? Thank you!!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time in Paris. I am so very jealous. I am laughing so hard over the fact that Olivier said “You dress like you are poor”.

  3. All I can say is you better have smuggled that giant roller skate home. I love it❤️

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