Spring Heels: Splurge vs. Steal

Maybe it is because I know it is unrealistic, but I am craving some thick soled sandal heels (unrealistic because I have nowhere to go and my center of gravity is not-so-centered). Here are two versions of the type of shoe I currently want.


Don’t look at the price of any of these shoes — unless you want to be flabbergasted and shocked. It is ridiculous. Shoes these days are like expensive watches. I swear, five years ago, shoes were expensive but not THIS expensive. And now, everywhere you look, “cheap” shoes are several hundred dollars. Not OK with this!

Givenchy (Geometric Cutout Sandal) — the inspiration for what I want


These Givenchy shoes are amazing. I love the thick heel with the cork, and then the delicate geometric straps up-top. They come in both black and purple.

Rochas (Platform Sandal)


Not as delicate and pretty as the Givenchy, but still love the look. Thick, strappy, mixture of rough, tough, and feminine.


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