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I am a lover of sneakers — I wear Nike Dunks and Vans more than I wear any other shoes. They are comfortable, practical, AND hip. And now, I have a third sneaker to add to my rotation, Autry. I have a feeling that these shoes are going to be the next Golden Goose (aka luxury sneaker, but not at that ridiculously price point) and men, women, and kids will be all wearing them soon (and if my prediction is wrong, at least everyone in my family will be wearing them). Move over, veja, these sneakers are the best.


I like them all in all color ways, but for my first purchase, I picked the green and white. I LIVE in my black and white dunks, so these are a similar flair and style.

Comfy — even the first time walking in them, they felt like they were made for walking.

Rod Lavers-ish.

The white ones I am also coveting.

More of the more simple colors.


They are an American company that was originally started in 1982 but then revamped in 2019. They reinvented themselves and recreated the shoe, and sure enough, it is working as they are incredibly popular with streetwear shoe lovers, such as myself. They are a great holiday present for a kid, husband, or yourself!

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  1. reason number 5,000 that i love your blog. thank you! which dunks do you have? (low, mid, high)? i was worried that they wouldn’t be comfy enough for long NYC city “treks”. ty!

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