HICKIES No Tie Elastics

Through the retail world, we recently met the owner and creator of HICKIES No Tie Elastics. And I am now a huge fan! I love how fun, colorful and easy they are to use and assemble. What are no tie laces? Well instead of laces, you place HICKIES laces in the shoelace eyelets. And voila, no tie, easy to slip on, shoes! You can get creative and have different designs, tightness and looks. There is a huge assortment of colors and looks of the HICKIES to match all your different shoes and needs. They are not just for kids, but adults, too.


Playful laces.

Up close at they work.

So many options: although these fun ones are for kids, I want them for myself!

The top HICKIE is undone to show you how easy it is to install the first time around. A no brainer, that easy.

My new HICKIES on my adidas boost shoes. White on white.

Not as fun, but more fashionable.


They are very easy to install and are a one-and-done lacing system. Once you snap them into your shoes, you are ready to have the perfect slip on fit. Goodbye annoying dirty laces, hello easy slip ons. The laces are made out of a flexible rubber (no latex) and super stretchable and adaptable to the size of your shoe. Who knew that this is something you needed? (Trust me, you need it).


Sneakers that are actually slip ons.


I couldn’t decide on which ones to get….

No tying, more fun! (Too bad that I didn’t know about these before my kids learned how to tie their shoes!)


So run to amazon or their online store and buy these fun little accessories that will simplify your life. They also make cute presents for kids (and their parents, too!)

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I’ve seen these! Good to know more about the background. Very cute.

  2. I love these.. They definitely simplify our process of leaving the house!

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