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You can take the girl out of Oregon, but you can’t take the Oregon out of the girl. Welcome to my life. Even though I am a NYC transplant and live in the crazy, wild, intense Big Apple, I still wear my clogs and birkenstocks like they were the newest pair of Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo heels. I just can’t strip them out of my life or I would feel like I was losing a little part of who I am. So, enter Dolfie shoes, THE NEWEST MOST AWESOME PAIR OF WEST COAST SHOES IN THE WORLD (even though they are from Europe). They look hip enough to make me look hip, but hippie enough to make me feel like myself. It’s the perfect compromise of NYC and Eugene. I love. I die. MAJ. SWOON. GASP. (For those of you who are curious about today’s giveaway, you need to wait until the end of the post!)

Written up as the “hybrid of boat shoe and moccasin,” these Dolfie ‘Louis’ shoes are a dream. Surfer girl (although I don’t surf) meet Gossip Girl (although I am not 17 years old) to the max!


HOT. Look at this beautiful and inspirational image of the shoe from the Dolfie website.

The Louis comes in a variety of colors and materials. All are divine.

blue version

blue version

You can buy them here. I kinda want to get every color, every material, every combination of the Louis shoe that Dolfie makes. Call me obsessive.


More images. Don't you love the rasta beads attached? Maybe that is what I am a sucker for. Plastic embellishments. Makes me feel like I am back at camp, beading necklaces.

Dolfie was founded in Barcelona, Spain by a group of young designers. They were on the search to create a collection for confident people of all ages who cared about their style and being original. True that! Who wants to wear the same pair of Christian Louboutin heels that everyone else wears??


Selection of different colors and materials

Not only does Dolfie make this incredible shoe, but they have an assortment of original and fun other shoes. I am just currently enthralled with the Louis because that is what I own.



Don’t you just want to get these shoes so you can take pictures and instagram them??? Enjoy! Hope you like them as much as I do!


cute cartoon of the shoes! Now, I just need a pair for Ken so we can imitate this cartoon.

Oh, right, and today’s giveaway!  Readers from Monday know that we are doing giveaways all week to celebrate the blog’s first anniversary.  Monday, we announced 12 Levain cookies (winner to be announced next Monday).  Today’s giveaway: 2 Natori Bengal Beach towels!  The official rules are here, but you can enter by signing up for the Josie Girl Blog email list, which you can do by clciking on “Subscribe” in the red box on the top of the right sidebar.  Good luck!

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  1. These shoes look amazing. I love the touch of the rasta beads. And I want the beach towels! Fingers crossed…

  2. Uh, Josie Girl, you have to help me decide which pair of Dolfie shoes I should buy. Love them!

  3. um hello? these shoes are perfect for me. they pretty much are named after me!! love them.

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