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You know how it goes, you spot someone with killer shoes, so you approach them and ask them where they got them. (I am an introvert, but when it comes to wanting to know where something comes from, I make a bee line to find out the who-what-when-where-why!) So, in May, when I saw the cutest little Millennial walking uptown on Madison Avenue, I had to ask WHERE AND WHEN CAN I GET THOSE ON MY FEET? Turns out, this hip little 20 something year old works for a friend of mine, so I was instantly put in touch with the Sabah Dealer and placed my order. Look how deliciously, dreamy and comfy these shoes are. A MUST FOR EVERYONE NOW. But don’t tell too many people!


Shoes and their bag.

Shoes and their bag. The blueish purple is deep, colorful, neutral, versatile and practical at the same time.

Sabahs are hand-stitched, calfskin Turkish slippers with a sturdy buffalo leather sole. They are made in Turkey and distributed by the “Sabah Dealer” also known as Mickey. The Dealer deals the shoes. Kinda like a drug dealer, but with shoes. There is no shop. No online retail. Only word of mouth and Mickey’s email, will get you a pair of shoes.


View from the top.

View from the top. Pretty even when blurry.

Whole look on the foot.

Whole look on the foot. The perfect shoe for Spring, Summer, and Fall (not too much in winter, although I wish….)


To see the various options of colors / stitching / outfits, check out his Instagram and Tumblr. It will make you want to travel the world in his suitcase. SO LONG KIDS, Hasta Luego……his destinations are more glamorous, adventuresome, and romantic than the kiddie pool or playground….Then, just email him and pick your colors and you will get your pair made-to-order, and delivered whenever the shipment from Turkey arrives.




Red inner heel > Red sole

Red inner heel > Red sole

Can't get enough

Can’t get enough

Sample size

Sample size

Big quads with turkish shoes

Big quads with turkish shoes

One step forward

One step forward

To order, email him.

To order, email him at


Love the mystery man (his emails are charming and witty), but more importantly, love the shoes and the quality and look of them. And so many colors and patterns to choose from. My friend recently bought a leopard pair, so dreamy that I might have to get a second pair….cheaper than a Louboutin obsession.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Would you mind mentioning a price range… I don’t want to call and be so surprised that I can not speak to order.

  2. Do they run true to size? How did you know u were getting the right size? I emailed him, can’t wait to get a pair or 2! Hard to choose the color they are all amazing!!

  3. I need to know the price of these shoes before I can order and how much is shipping? Thanks, Melba Prince

  4. Love, love, love my pair too. I can’t tell you how many times I get stopped on the street by random strangers who oooh and ahhh over my shoes.

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