Rod Lavers

Not sure what is happening, but I am reliving all my fashion trends from college. Overalls, tie dye, and now Rod Lavers. I used to wear Rod Lavers every single day in college. Literally — with dresses (yup, guilty), shorts (cute), and jeans (typical). And what do you know? On trend! Rod Lavers are back in action!



Rainbow of sneakers (courtesy New York Times)

Even the NYTimes agrees with me. So join in the trend, and bring back the 1990s. Rock some Rod Lavers or Stan Smiths. Too cool for school.


Back it up, back it up.

Back it up, back it up



Green on green

Green on green

Side to side.

Side to side





Hope you are having a great week! Summer, here we come!!!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I had Stan Smiths growing up. But I am not sure what the difference is?

    • It is the placement of the green vs. white and the holes in the front. And material too.

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