Taylor Swift Crafts

As I mentioned before, I was lucky enough to attend the Taylor Swift concert in late July in Seattle — and ever since then, I have become totally and utterly obsessed. Dare I say it, I am on the road to become a die hard Swiftie. Everything targeted at me on my instagram reels is Taylor, I have read every article about her, etc….I am (gasp) obsessed. And that means I have listened to hours upon hours of her songs — I can NOT stop. All that said, my biffle from undergrad is at a whole OTHER level of Swiftie-hood. She knows every word to every song, has gone to one show in North America and already has tickets for Europe, etc…She lives and breathes Taylor Swift. She is *also* an incredible artist — INCREDIBLE — unbelievable. If you ever give her an art assignment, she rocks it and blows it out of the park (like my 25th birthday party invitation, my Master’s Thesis cover –yes, very true, the alley mural). She is THE person you call when you need anything (art related or not) and is the most loyal and unbelievable friend. Lucky to have her in my corner and have the opportunity to see all her beautiful artwork. All that to say — she created the most unbelievable unique pieces for her Taylor Swift concert that I have to show you all! Talk about inspiration!!!! It is insanely beautiful.


This is Bridget on the left and her daughter Olive. Bridget embroidered the jean jacket with all Taylor’s albums and then made shoes with all the flowers that Taylor mentions in songs. Yes, Bridget went DEEP.

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Sabah Shoes

You know how it goes, you spot someone with killer shoes, so you approach them and ask them where they got them. (I am an introvert, but when it comes to wanting to know where something comes from, I make a bee line to find out the who-what-when-where-why!) So, in May, when I saw the cutest little Millennial walking uptown on Madison Avenue, I had to ask WHERE AND WHEN CAN I GET THOSE ON MY FEET? Turns out, this hip little 20 something year old works for a friend of mine, so I was instantly put in touch with the Sabah Dealer and placed my order. Look how deliciously, dreamy and comfy these shoes are. A MUST FOR EVERYONE NOW. But don’t tell too many people!


Shoes and their bag.

Shoes and their bag. The blueish purple is deep, colorful, neutral, versatile and practical at the same time.

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