Friendship Beaded Pins

Going back old school — friendship beaded pins! When I realized that we were going to be at home for a loooooooong time, I realized I needed more activities that would interest both me and the kids. So I bought a ton of friendship bracelet embroidery thread as well as friendship glass beads to put on pins. It is simple and super easy but also fun and retro.


Big box of beautiful glass beads!

Hard at work — although it is actually NOT hard and quite easy.

I realized that the only tied shoes I have with me are my running shoes…..otherwise my shoes are tevas, birkenstocks, and vans….none that have laces….so this will do.

Running with some 80s flair!


To buy the beads, go here. What projects are you doing at home that you are enjoying? I also have big dreams of embroidering on sweatshirts and shirts, but have to find the right needle — which is way harder than pre COVID…..Hope you are having a great week!

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