Heidi Hat

YET AGAIN!!! Another fabulous friend with a fantastic fashion sense and ambition. (I like to think that if I surround myself with these beautiful and wildly successful women that I, too will become beautiful and successful). Ladies, Kelly of Heidi Hat! Heidi Hat is a legging and hat centered brand, with the most fun, vibrant, crazy, and unique prints for your workout needs. I can’t get enough of these hot-shorts (if I had the courage to wear them) and the ease and oomph of the leggings. LOVE!


Heidi Hat is an accessory based line from Aspen, Colorado.

Heidi Hat is a hat + yoga line from Aspen, Colorado. Its founders are a mother and daughter team, Heidi and Kelly (daughter). Kelly was born and raised in Aspen while her mother is from Manhattan! Together, they share a passion for urban, chic fashion statements in country settings.

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End of Summer 2014 Playlist

I am in DISBELIEF that the summer is more than half way over. I am already fretting, panicking and mourning the fact that I will soon leave Oregon and return to NYC. I love many things about NYC (mainly, my husband), but other things, I can live without. SO NOTHING better than to motivate and think positive thoughts than with a bumping playlist. So here is my End-of-summer-2014-playlist. Enjoy!


Ken jamming out to his playlist (a little different than my playlist. Think OAR. On repeat. 7 times. NO JOKE).

Ken jamming out to his playlist (a little different than my playlist. Think OAR. On repeat. 7 times. NO JOKE).

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Eugene Half Marathon 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 12.59.54 PM


As Ken told me at the Butte to Butte, “Going to a road race in Eugene is like attending a hedge fund conference in NYC.  Everyone feels at home.” And he is so right! Eugene, Oregon is “Track Town USA.” Most everyone is sporty and either bikes, runs, or does both. Eugene frequently hosts the Track and Field Olympic Trials (in 1972, 1976, 1980, 2008 and 2012, and will host again in 2016). Additionally, it is the birthplace of Nike, Steve Prefontaine, and the historic Hayward Field.

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Iron Mountain Hike, Oregon

I had the opportunity to go on a day hike with my Papa yesterday without the kids (Thank you, Nana!!) and it was a gorgeous 8 mile loop. Iron Mountain is known for its wildflowers — with over 300 species of flowers scattered throughout the meadows and mountain. It was a gorgeous terrain with a mixture of fields, forest, views, flowers, and trees. Enjoy the pictures!

Oregon trees. The very best.

Oregon trees. The very best.

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2014 Paris Marathon

I did it, again! Thank you to everyone in my life who supported, encouraged, motivated, inspired, cheered, and helped me through my journey of running the Paris Marathon. The run was an unbelievably challenging and rewarding gift, and would not have been possible without everyone in my life. An incredibly huge shout out to my fabulous mother-in-law who traveled from Japan be there for me, as well as my beloved father who traveled from Sweden. Would not have been the same without them (Ken was in NYC taking care of the kids — thank you!), and I am forever grateful of their love and support (and how amazing is it that my parents and inlaws get along so well? Makes me want to cry, I am that lucky of a girl).


The start.

The start

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January 2014 Playlist

Winter training in full effect! Back to the grind (or treadmill and pavement!) of long runs in preparation for the Paris Marathon. Therefore, it is CRUCIAL that I have good music to help guide me through the snow, rain, pain, drain. Here is my current workout playlist! Enjoy! And yes, I am a 14 year old girl in terms of my music selection. And proud of it!

Stretch! BURN!

Stretch! BURN!

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UP by Jawbone

Part bracelet, part computer, the UP by Jawbone will blow your socks off. Just like the fitbit changed my life 2 years ago, this new little machine has revolutionized my understanding of my movement and sleep. And I can’t live without it. UP is a system that takes a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle by tracking your movement and sleep in the background, and delivering insight that keeps you moving forward.


Looks like a bracelet!

Looks like a bracelet!

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Yoga Guru Mandy Ingber

You know when you have one of those sleepless weekends? Raging with a 4 year-old-who-doesn’t-sleep? Welcome to my world. Thank you, Ali (Contributing Editor for this blog!), for saving my not-working-sleep-deprived-brain and writing today’s post.


Mandy Ingber is one of the most sought after yoga and fitness instructors in Los Angeles.  Her philosophies draw people into her world, offering a plan for “healthier bodies and happier minds”.  That’s right in my wheelhouse.  A good-looking shell that’s undernourished spiritually and emotionally is not all that sexy.

"Having the body you want begins with loving the body you have."  --Mandy Ingber

“Having the body you want begins with loving the body you have.”
–Mandy Ingber

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Fitness Guru Shaun Jenkins



Um, yes, HELLO! Look at that body!!! The definition! The tone! The HOLY CRAP HOW DO I LOOK LIKE THAT ASAP? Why hello, Shaun Jenkins. Shaun is (total cheese but oh-so-true) hands down, the most kick-ass, tough-loving, sweet-but-stern, beat-you-down, inspiring and motivating trainer and group fitness instructor at Equinox in NYC. If you ever want to feel good about your workout (and also want to barf at the end of it), then Shaun is your man. He is THE man. Continue Reading

Summer 13 Nutrition Tips

Now that it is August, it’s the perfect time to finish the summer on a good note with some nutritional advice from the lovely and talented, Dr. Jana Klauer. Featured on JGB twice before (last summer and early 2013), Dr. Klauer continues to motivate, inspire, and educate all of us. So, thank you Dr. Klauer for sharing more wisdom and science, and helping us commit to a healthy and active lifestyle!

dr. klauer

The ever so beautiful and smart, Dr. Jana Klauer!

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As a fitness-buff with an unconventional professional career (math tutoring and blogging), I wear workout gear more than normal clothes. I know, embarrassingly true, but between workout and kid activities, it is hard for me to get (properly) dressed and am therefore often “that mom.” So when I stumbled across Carbon38, a new website with athletic gear catering to fashion-forward women, I was in hog heaven.



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Interview with Fitness Guru Sylwia

I love varying my workout routine to keep me energized, motivated, and on-my-toes. So on top of my rotation cycle of spinning, running, yoga, lifting, and stretching, I like to throw in Tonique. Tonique, founded by Sylwia Weisenberg, is the ultimate workout. A mixture of cardio, strength and endurance, the workout kicks your tush. Featured before in the Josie Girl Blog, Tonique and Sylwia know not only how to shape your body, but also to inspire, encourage, and motivate. Sylwia is a fitness buff and guru; an inspiration to thousands of women, and to all of us Josie Girls.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 4.46.09 PM

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2013 Paris Marathon!

SO, I did it!!! Thank you to all the people who supported, cheered, and encouraged me to complete one of my lifetime dreams. I ran a marathon! In Paris. In my goal time. It was heavenly. Almost as heavenly as a fresh, hot Parisian pain au chocolat…


The map of the race. Unbelievably scenic and beautiful!

The map of the race. Unbelievably scenic and beautiful!

Off the plane. HELLO BAGUETTE!


first stop

First stop. Running Expo to pick up my bib number! EEK!

Allez Yael!

Allez Yael!


Saturday preparation lunch. HELLLOOO BAGUETTE. Encore!

little walk

From our Saturday walk (I went with three friends, who all ran and finished!) A quick sightseeing excursion before the WHOLE REST OF THE DAY ROLLING, STRETCHING, and PREPARING FOR THE MARATHON THE NEXT DAY! double eek.


Stairs (5 flights) up to where we were staying (thank you Mrs. Natori!). Can you imagine how we would cope post-marathon if the apartment building didn’t have an elevator? THE HORROR! #firstworldproblems


Dinner pre-race. Carbo-loading.  Yep, eating spaghetti. And I despise pasta. But you do what you gotta do!


Friends joined us for dinner.


Ok, I am really bad at selfies to begin with, but a seflie of me and my pre-race jitters is even worse. But I had to include it.

fashion designer

Do you believe that my mother-in-law is a fashion designer???? Can’t you tell by my look? HAWT DAWG!

Pre-race! Left to right, my friends Brad (one of Ken's best friends from growing up), Jenny, and me in the hood with the snarky face.  Picture taken by Pamela.  We all finished!

Pre-race! Left to right, my friends Brad (one of Ken’s best friends from growing up), Jenny, and me in the hood with the snarky face. Picture taken by Pamela. We all finished!


Yep, I took this on the run with my camera. It was one of my “rewards’ for finishing a mile. Pretty picture even with the runners in it.



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Running Essentials

In preparation for The Paris Marathon, I completed my first 20 mile run / hobble last Friday. It went remarkably well and now the reality is setting in that Paris is actually happening. GULP.


After my run on Friday, I needed to eat pizza and stretch immediately. So here I am, the minute after I got home, with my legs up the wall (or stove).  While I look ridiculous, stretching like this helps release toxins.  And the pizza is self explanatory!


O.M.G. It is really happening. And I cannot wait. LOOK AT THIS DREAM! My GOAL!

The following items are things that I cannot live without on my long distance training runs.

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Fall 2012 Workout Playlist

Summer is over, so it is now FALL which means it really is time to WORKOUT and get in shape!! So here is my Fall Workout playlist! If you have any favorites not listed below, let me in on your secret songs! Need some additions to motivate my tush into gear!

hot pink

Hot pink running shoes. I only buy Asics to run in (I am snobby about what running shoes I buy...).

Fall 2012 Workout Playlist

Feel So Close (Calvin Harris)
Whistle (Flo Rida)
Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)
Good Time (Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen)
Too Close (Alex Clare)
Let’s Go (Calvin Harris)
We Run the Night (Havana Brown)
Wild Ones (Flo Rida)
Don’t Wake Me Up (Chris Brown)
Boyfriend (Justin Bieber)
The Veldt (Deadmau5)
Black Republican (Nas featuring Jay Z)
Where Have You Been Extended Edition (Rhianna)
Lights (Ellie Goulding)
Fast Car (Taio Cruz)

If you are on Spotify, you can click here to access this entire playlist!: http://spoti.fi/RuBdSb

running picture

Okay, so I know I am a total dork, but this is seriously one of my running outfits. Hot pink shoes, an Olympics tee, and Josie Natori for Target snake skin leggings. I bet you think I look like I could outrun Usain Bolt dressed like this.

Run on, friends! And if you want to see all of my fitness related posts in one place, click here.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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Nutrition Tips from Dr. Klauer

There are some people I meet that just blow me away. They have a magical power that exudes everything from intelligence to kindness to sincerity to happiness.  A woman named Dr. Jana Klauer is one of those people who inspires me on a daily basis.

When I am older, I would love more than anything to look like Dr. Klauer.  A close family friend of the Natoris, Dr. Klauer is strikingly beautiful. Walking down the street, you stop in your tracks when you get a glimpse of her. She is beyond beautiful — long, lean, blonde, thin, elegant, and toned. And yet, it is also her inner beauty that shines through — as her happiness and positive outlook penetrates her whole being. She even walks with perfect posture and always has a genuine smile on her face.

Dr. Klauer

I mean, really, LOOK at her! How beautiful can she be!

Dr. Klauer is more than just beautiful and happy; she is also brilliant. Dr. Klauer is a graduate of Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Klauer also trained at Mount Sinai in internal medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation. She holds a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Dr. Klauer is a New York Times bestselling author of “How The Rich Get Thin” and “The Park Avenue Nutritionist Plan” She is frequently quoted in top fashion and fitness magazines, and was profiled in full articles in Newsweek and The New York Times. She is frequently sought out as an expert on nutrition by national television and radio and media.  She should be an inspiration to all of us Josie Girls!

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I am a born and bred nerd. My older brother’s best friend used to call my group of friends “the nerd herd” in high school, and of course, I didn’t fight it, because I was a nerd. I *am* a nerd. And proud of it. (Thank you, Mac Funk. You also have a case of my-“lame”-ia and are a die hard nerd, too).


A picture of a nerd. Not me, though. But did I tell you that when I was little I had a MULLET, a PERM, and BRACES! I was super good looking. The first time Ken saw a picture of me, he laughed hysterically. Tear. But still married me.


This, on the other hand, is an actual picture of me. Pre-braces, but during the mullet perm stage. And what is better than a nerdy picture in some 80's style black and white graphics? LOVE. Proud to be part of the nerd herd.

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Foam Roller

I know it is a pie-in-the-sky goal, but I plan on running the New York Marathon this coming November. (Yes, I am due in early/mid/late May. Big dreams, but I am going to MAKE IT HAPPEN!) So, in order to prepare myself, I just started stretching and rolling more. My thought process is that the roller will help me get used to stretching NOW so that come July/August when I start hard core running, I will be more flexible and less likely to get injured, and training will be “easy”…. Makes sense, right?

Foam roller

Foam Roller. If it were bright magenta or turquoise, one could easily mistake it for a pool toy.

We have had a foam roller stashed away in the hall closet for at least 2 years. And yet until last week, I had never actually used it. I always *wanted* to, but somehow, never got around to it. Last week, however, I decided to buck up and become a woman and use it. And let me tell you, it KILLS. Like you want to scream and holler and hit someone because it is so painful. From all my various activities, my muscles are so tense and tight that this little sucker of foam kicks my tush.

The pain!

AHHH! The pain!!! Hello, tush!

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Hands down, the best secret in town is an intense, crazy, and fun exercise class called Tonique. Currently held at Complete Body Gym (19th Street between 5th and 6th avenue), this insane workout is the work and dream of Sylwia. Sylwia is one of the people you want to hate — incredibly beautiful, perfect rockin’ body, sweet as can be, smart, and dedicated — and you can’t dislike her for a second. She is just the nicest, most loving, devoted, and charming person out there (they do exist). She honestly created this program to inspire and empower women. She wants women to feel confident and fabulous through fitness.


Sylwia truly is a renaissance woman. A thinker, a mother, a wife, a dreamer, a writer, and more! AND LOOKING EVER SO FABULOUS AND CHIC at the same time. Who knew that this was possible?

Sylwia’s Tonique program has inspired people across the country through DVDs, webisodes, and its inspirational website.


She sells DVDs and ipod workouts on her website. They are awesome — especially if you don’t live in NYC. And they make you sweat! At home — in your living room!

Luckily, for those of us who live in NYC, she offers a class three times a week. And this class kicks your A$$. I mean, seriously, your tush gets worked so hard that you can’t move it later that day — let alone later that week. Tonique is a class that I hate but love at the same time. The workout is so intense and so all-body, that your muscles get the craziest workout. They literally wobble and shake. And then you have to look at Sylwia, with her sculpted and perfect body….

Rockin Ab work

Uh yeah, check out those ABS. I didn’t know stomach muscles could look like that…

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