Summer 2021 Running Playlist

Sorry for the silence last week — I didn’t anticipate going rogue on the blog, but we were in Jackson for a family trip and had less down time than I thought. But here I am! Back at it! And more on Jackson on Wednesday — lots to recap! In the meantime, here is my Summer 2021 Running Playlist. Lots of fast, high beat, power mode songs!


Teton Village on my run last week. So beautiful.

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COVID Running Playlist

Although I am not currently training for a marathon, I am running as if I were. Not at the same high intensity, but as my only form of exercise, I am running everyday, a lot……I can’t wait to start back at my training to give me some variation in speed / miles / direction….but for now, it is just a lot of miles for a lot of days….so here is my COVID running playlist. Enjoy!


Sometimes I run along the ocean, sometimes on a path, it’s not a lot of variation but MAN is it pretty!

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Summer 2019 Running Playlist

Yes, I run a lot, but it is during the Summer months that I do my hardest training and running. My light schedule, the perfect Oregon weather, and upcoming Fall marathon makes these months the perfect time to run hard. Here is my summer 2019 running playlist:


Running in Oregon is ideal: beautiful non humid weather and incredible views on every twist and turn. Yesterday, on my long run, I had the privilege of running along the Willamette River….

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Winter 2019 Running Playlist

I am currently back on the marathon track — training for Boston Marathon 2019 in April….I must say that it is much harder to find motivation and inspiration to run in the freezing cold in the dead of winter….which is why having the right playlist is THAT much more important. Here are the tunes that I am currently loving to run to.


One of the things I love most about running is I get to be a part of my surroundings. This past weekend, I had a 15 miler and ran the whole perimeter of Manhattan — I love seeing the views, the people, the energy, the natural beauty, my island, everything and anything.

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Fall 2018 Running Playlist

Is November Fall or Winter? Officially it is Fall, but with Christmas decorations in stores and freezing temperatures, it kind of feels like Winter.  Now that my two Fall marathons are done, I am resting and recuperating before starting to train for my April 2019 Boston marathon. That said, you always need good music for runs or workouts or inspiration! Here you go.


Last week in Central Park, I took this picture on a walk. Every day when I am in the park, I am thankful for its insane beauty and colors.

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Summer 2018 Running Playlist

Summer has officially started and tonight I leave for a European adventure.  And yes, another summer, another marathon training season! Here is my newest playlist for running and training!


Summer running means hydrating and drinking a lot of water. On long runs, I always carry a water bottle and then whenever I find a refilling station, I fill my bottle up. Thank you, NYC!


Summer 2018 Running Playlist

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February 2018 Playlist

Don’t you love having a soundtrack to your life??? I sure do. I listen to music every waking minute — literally, music is blaring from 6 am until we go to sleep…..Not one of Ken’s favorite qualities about me — actually, a daily argument (I love music. LOUD music). This has been my go-to-playlist for the past couple of weeks….not music for running to, but music for everyday life duties (cooking, writing, eating, etc….).  Enjoy!


Central Park is incredibly beautiful in the snow — but even MORE so when you have good music to listen to as you walk.

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November 2017 Chill Playlist

Most of my playlists are for when I run, but here is what I like to listen to during the day when I am working on my computer (writing blogs), cooking food, getting dressed, etc…  It’s a whole different feeling than my running playlists, but there is still a lot of teeny bopper pop and electronic. I love what I love! Enjoy!


I also like to listen to music when my legs are up the wall….

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September 2017 Running Playlist

Since my next marathon is 11 days away (but who is counting?), I am compiling motivational songs to help my runs and overall energy. Here is my latest running playlist. Enjoy!


Me running, or pretending to run. Looks like I am on Mars, but I am in Utah. We just returned from a short belated 10th Anniversary celebration.  Stay tuned for full details!

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September 2016 Work Out Playlist

One of Ken’s pet peeves is listening to me LISTEN to music to add to my playlists. Yes, it is a lot of stops and starts, but I need to in order to find good workout music! Since I am yet again running the NYC marathon and doing lots of long training runs, I am fired up for my newest running playlist.  Sorry, Babers! And yes, a reminder on why I run.


Hiking this summer. Yes, hiking is not running, and there is no ipod or music involved in hiking, but it is the closest photo I have of running.

Hiking this summer. Yes, hiking is not running, and there is no ipod or music involved in hiking, but it is the closest thing I have to a recent running photo

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January 2016 Playlist

We listen to music at our house nonstop — and believe it or not, most of the time, our Pandora station is set to “Bailando” — Spanish pop music… the kids love it. Go figure. With that in mind, here is my workout playlist for the month…with lots of dance beats, latino twists, and energy to get you moving. (Note: If I could, my whole playlist would just be Bieber. I would marry him if I could, you better be-bieb it). Enjoy!


If you run with this playlist, you will end up an elite runner like these athletes.

If you run with this playlist, you will end up an elite runner like these athletes (Chicago marathon, October 2015).

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End of Summer Workout Playlist

Here we are again….another workout playlist (you can’t have too many!) And yes, more music for yet another marathon….Enjoy!


Running with this playlist kinda makes me feel like I am a little kid chasing after a kite (picture from Early August 2015 of Cruzzie at the Oregon Coast).

Running with this playlist kinda makes me feel like I am a little kid chasing after a kite (picture from early August 2015 of Cruzzie at the Oregon Coast).


End of Summer 2015 Workout Playlist

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March 2015 Workout Playlist




Once again, I am running the Paris Marathon this year….YUP, I am totally and utterly insane. Third Paris Marathon in a row (See 2013 Paris Marathon and 2014 Paris Marathon)! And with this $#$#$@*$$ crazy cold winter, the training has been no joke. Enter explicit run on sentences here!!!! I have done long runs on treadmills, in the snow, with sub freezing temperatures, and as a result have cracked feet, red face, and a severe case of grumpiness! It has been SO UNFUN LADIES!!!!! The only thing keeping me going is my music. So here is my March 2015 Workout Playlist (because in 3 days, it is March….go figure with this insane weather).

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Martha Stewart/Holiday 2014 Workout Playlist

Happy Monday!  We are in Seattle with my brother, his family, my sisters and parents.  Basically my whole side of the family under one roof.  Couldn’t be happier.  Our cross-country travel was mostly without incident, unlike 2 years ago.  Regardless, Ken likes making fun of me when I travel (I can’t help myself).




So, exciting news!


I am so excited to share that I have been asked to be a contributor to Martha Stewart’s website!    The site reached out to me and asked me to contribute posts as part of their effort to cultivate more original content.  My profile is here and first post on celebrating the holidays is here.

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End of Summer 2014 Playlist

I am in DISBELIEF that the summer is more than half way over. I am already fretting, panicking and mourning the fact that I will soon leave Oregon and return to NYC. I love many things about NYC (mainly, my husband), but other things, I can live without. SO NOTHING better than to motivate and think positive thoughts than with a bumping playlist. So here is my End-of-summer-2014-playlist. Enjoy!


Ken jamming out to his playlist (a little different than my playlist. Think OAR. On repeat. 7 times. NO JOKE).

Ken jamming out to his playlist (a little different than my playlist. Think OAR. On repeat. 7 times. NO JOKE).

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January 2014 Playlist

Winter training in full effect! Back to the grind (or treadmill and pavement!) of long runs in preparation for the Paris Marathon. Therefore, it is CRUCIAL that I have good music to help guide me through the snow, rain, pain, drain. Here is my current workout playlist! Enjoy! And yes, I am a 14 year old girl in terms of my music selection. And proud of it!

Stretch! BURN!

Stretch! BURN!

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Spring 2013 Workout Playlist

Although it is still somewhat cold in NYC, it is actually Spring.  So, although I am not training for a marathon anymore, I still need music to keep me active and energized at the gym or on runs!


ALLEZ!!!! (Sorry, still feeling overjoyed from the whole marathon-completion!)

Spring 2013 Workout Playlist

Fall Down (Miley Cyrus and
Midnight City (M83)
5 O’Clock (T-Pain)
The Fighter (Gym Class Heroes)
Beat It (Sean Kingston)
#thatpower (
Bugatti (Ace Hood)
Thrift Shop (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis)
Cruise (Florida Georgia Line)
Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)
I love it (Icona Pop)
Mirrors (Justin Timberlake)
Call it what you want (Foster the People)
Just Give me a Reason (Pink)

If you are on Spotify, you can click here to listen to the shared playlist (or click here for the Fall 2012 post/link). Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t have rights to all of the songs, so some are missing, and some are covers.  Still a great mix!

And don't forget to stretch!

And don’t forget to stretch! (Something that I *HATE* doing….but it makes such a difference.)

Happy running! Happy exercising! Happy ripped muscles! Happy sweat! Happy week!

P.S. If anyone needs some first marathon tips, I feel like I have a long list of pointers, advice, mantras, that allowed me to complete my first marathon! And thanks so much to the many friends and strangers who gave me tips throughout the journey!

P.P.S NYC Marathon 2013 or 2014 anyone??? Trying to convince Ken to do it with me.  The more the merrier!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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