I am a born and bred nerd. My older brother’s best friend used to call my group of friends “the nerd herd” in high school, and of course, I didn’t fight it, because I was a nerd. I *am* a nerd. And proud of it. (Thank you, Mac Funk. You also have a case of my-“lame”-ia and are a die hard nerd, too).


A picture of a nerd. Not me, though. But did I tell you that when I was little I had a MULLET, a PERM, and BRACES! I was super good looking. The first time Ken saw a picture of me, he laughed hysterically. Tear. But still married me.


This, on the other hand, is an actual picture of me. Pre-braces, but during the mullet perm stage. And what is better than a nerdy picture in some 80's style black and white graphics? LOVE. Proud to be part of the nerd herd.

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