I am a born and bred nerd. My older brother’s best friend used to call my group of friends “the nerd herd” in high school, and of course, I didn’t fight it, because I was a nerd. I *am* a nerd. And proud of it. (Thank you, Mac Funk. You also have a case of my-“lame”-ia and are a die hard nerd, too).


A picture of a nerd. Not me, though. But did I tell you that when I was little I had a MULLET, a PERM, and BRACES! I was super good looking. The first time Ken saw a picture of me, he laughed hysterically. Tear. But still married me.


This, on the other hand, is an actual picture of me. Pre-braces, but during the mullet perm stage. And what is better than a nerdy picture in some 80's style black and white graphics? LOVE. Proud to be part of the nerd herd.

One of the nerdiest things I like to do is count the number of miles I walk in a day. YEP — true story. I literally sit on google maps at the end of the day and figure out my routes that I walked and what the mileage is. Not that I do it to track my calories or be obsessive about exercise, but I honestly do it because it amazes me so much. In New York, you walk A LOT. And when you work all over the city and have a kid going here and there to a bazillion classes in a day, you end up walking a tush-load (hence the importance of comfortable shoes and a good masseuse). SOOOOOO… recently, I decided to splurge on a device that tracks your mileage FOR YOU instead of having to manually log it on the computer every night.

Google maps

Google maps is amazing, don't get me wrong, but when you have to sit and point and drag your mouse to find the exact points you were at, it is a little tedious. So why not have a machine that does all the thinking and calculations?

The magic little device is called the “Fitbit.” And it is just that — a tiny little fitness bit. It will change your life (if you are a nerd like me).

And seriously, I am like a little kid in a candy store when I look at my little computer. I love finding out all the stats of my day and comparing it to other days. It is a thrill.

This is the fitbit. A little computer the size of my thumb. But it is a computer. Blows my mind.

So what does it do? The fitbit tracks your activity throughout the day — calculating the number of steps you walk, the number of stairs you climbed, the mileage, the number of calories, and can even tell you about your sleep at night. It is so tiny and discreet that you can place it any place on your body and no one will be able to see it. In a pocket or clipped to a bra are the perfect places for it to be placed (Hello, Natori Company, maybe you guys can get a special deal with them!!!) Once it is clipped on, you go about your day and that is that! SO EASY PEASY!

bra clip

HELLO SEXY! Here it is clipped into my bra (Josie bra, obvi -- notice the perfect fit!)

Once you get home and want to upload info to the computer, you simply place the fitbit into its little charger and it wirelessly (if 15 feet or closer) connects to the computer. And all your data gets transmitted to the world wide web.

plug it in

Plug it in! BOOM!

There it is! BAM!

And then you get your dashboard when you log into your account online.

This is the dashboard on your computer that tracks your progress. For those of us who love bar graphs and data, this will blow your mind. What’s better than seeing data about your own progress?

actual size

For reals, this is the size of the fitbit.

So honestly, this little piece of equipment gives me so much satisfaction and such a feeling of accomplishment. It is fun but also a great tracker for those who really want to use it to see your progress, track your exercise, or succumb to your OCD. And it is not challenging to figure out (even a blonde like me figured it out in under 10 minutes). The only problem is that because it is so small and tiny, you might lose it. Not that that has happened to anyone I know (cough cough), but I can *SEE* it happening quite easily. You can buy it on their website (comes in two colors: blue and plum) or on

Let me know what you think about the fitbit!

Have a great week!
Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Sounds very cool. I am a teacher and am on my feet all day. I have always wondered how much I walk every day..

  2. After we talked about it when I was in New York, I bought one too. It came last week and I am totally obsessed! I love it!

    • HA! Isn’t it the best??? I am totally obsessed too. OCD practically. 🙂

  3. Oh I’ve been curious about this! I have a few girlfriends that are obsessed with this! They say it tracks you in your sleep too? What do you find is your daily average number of steps taken? I work in downtown Seattle and I walk a ton; curious what my numbers would be! Love from the PNW!

  4. the fitbit looks really neat! Love the nerd picture.. I think we are all nerds at heart. I was actually in a club in highschool called “NERDS” (it stands for Not Everybody Really Dislikes Science. haha!

  5. first of all, that photo of you with the braces, mullet and perm is one of my favorites of all time. onto the fibit – i have recently been wondering how much i walk in a day! maybe i will have to follow you and kerry into the black hole of fibit obsession.

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