Fitness Guru Shaun Jenkins



Um, yes, HELLO! Look at that body!!! The definition! The tone! The HOLY CRAP HOW DO I LOOK LIKE THAT ASAP? Why hello, Shaun Jenkins. Shaun is (total cheese but oh-so-true) hands down, the most kick-ass, tough-loving, sweet-but-stern, beat-you-down, inspiring and motivating trainer and group fitness instructor at Equinox in NYC. If you ever want to feel good about your workout (and also want to barf at the end of it), then Shaun is your man. He is THE man. Continue Reading

Interview with Fitness Guru Sylwia

I love varying my workout routine to keep me energized, motivated, and on-my-toes. So on top of my rotation cycle of spinning, running, yoga, lifting, and stretching, I like to throw in Tonique. Tonique, founded by Sylwia Weisenberg, is the ultimate workout. A mixture of cardio, strength and endurance, the workout kicks your tush. Featured before in the Josie Girl Blog, Tonique and Sylwia know not only how to shape your body, but also to inspire, encourage, and motivate. Sylwia is a fitness buff and guru; an inspiration to thousands of women, and to all of us Josie Girls.

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