New Year’s Resolutions

Tonight is the night! Happy New Year! As a lover of lists and setting goals, here are my 13 resolutions for the upcoming year! In no particular order, here they are:

1. Read more books.


First of all, I don’t have many TV shows currently on air (except for The Biggest Loser, welcome back in January!) so there is no excuse for me not to read in bed at night vs slowly dying in front of the TV.

2. Learn how to pray.


Last year, one of my goals was to learn how to breathe. I half learned how to breathe and take deep breaths; so this year I want to push myself and learn how to pray. I have never prayed before, but I do believe in some higher being. So this year, I’m going to discover the act of praying.

3. Run the Paris Marathon.


I obviously failed last year’s goal of running the New York marathon. Even though it was officially canceled due to Hurricane Sandy, I didn’t run it because I didn’t prepare for it. That said, the Paris Marathon is happening. I have enrolled up, started my training and have all the necessary gear. Allez!!!

4. Eat dessert after every meal.


Life is too short not to enjoy what I love. We never know what will happen, and if a piece of chocolate or key lime pie makes me happy, then that is more important than shaving off some calories.

5. Practice random acts of kindness.


With all the awful tragedies that occurred this past year, I want to be able to give more and do so more often. Truly the best gift is the gift of giving.

6. Be more creative in the kitchen.


I love home cooked meals but have the tendency to cook the same thing over and over again. This year, more variety!

7. Learn to say no.

learn to say no

Too often, I have found myself overwhelmed by my own commitments. I say yes just to please, but then I’m too busy and overly drained. So this year, no thanks!

8. Shave my legs more often.

shave legs

Goodbye 2012 grizzly bear! Say hello to Mrs. Smooth!

9. Successfully teach Cruzzie how to eat on his own.


Last year, it was potty training. This year, my little boy needs to learn how to properly eat. We all have our battles and downfalls. Cruzzie’s eating habits are our struggle.

10. Continue to make family a priority.


Without my children and my husband, I have nothing. I know that, and have always made them my number one priority. This year, I will continue.

11. Learn how to work iCloud.


I am technologically incompetent. And I need to learn how to become more tech savvy. Especially with merging photos and calendars between my multiple devices.

12. Take weekly adventures with the kids.

weekly adventure

Field trips are a fun outing for all of us and break up our routine and week. Whether it is visiting a museum (new or old), or exploring a new part of the city, I’m going to make more of an effort to think out of the box and try new things w the kids. Add some spice to our life.

13. Go on a monthly day date with my husband.

monthly date

By far, one of the best three-hour chunks of my year was wandering the city with Ken without the kids and with no agenda. It was a mini vacation without paying for a hotel or flight. We are going to do this once a month. And I can’t wait.

Hope everyone has a safe and terrific New Year’s Eve celebration! Happy 2013!


Loves of my life.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. That is so so cool that you are running in the Paris marathon!!! Best resolution ever!

  2. Happy New Year, Josie Girl, and to everyone else. May 2013 be an awesome year for everyone

  3. This was so fun to read. We have many similar resolutions (kids eating issues, day dates, technology, etc.). Also, I was supposed to run the NYC Marathon in November as well. I have opted to try again this year. Paris sounds WONDERFUL though. Best of luck to you and Happy New Year!

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