Pratima Spa

In October, I was lucky enough to participate in a 50-hour intensive Ayurvedic workshop. It was incredible. Learning about the doshas, the mudras, the mantras, the practice, the breathing, ALL OF IT, was an unbelievable, life changing, unforgettable opportunity.  Two months later, I am still reflecting on this journey, and am beginning to incorporate parts of my studies into my everyday life. I want to share more about this experience with you readers, bit by bit. And today, Pratima spa!


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Yoga Guru Mandy Ingber

You know when you have one of those sleepless weekends? Raging with a 4 year-old-who-doesn’t-sleep? Welcome to my world. Thank you, Ali (Contributing Editor for this blog!), for saving my not-working-sleep-deprived-brain and writing today’s post.


Mandy Ingber is one of the most sought after yoga and fitness instructors in Los Angeles.  Her philosophies draw people into her world, offering a plan for “healthier bodies and happier minds”.  That’s right in my wheelhouse.  A good-looking shell that’s undernourished spiritually and emotionally is not all that sexy.

"Having the body you want begins with loving the body you have."  --Mandy Ingber

“Having the body you want begins with loving the body you have.”
–Mandy Ingber

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