Hands down, the best secret in town is an intense, crazy, and fun exercise class called Tonique. Currently held at Complete Body Gym (19th Street between 5th and 6th avenue), this insane workout is the work and dream of Sylwia. Sylwia is one of the people you want to hate — incredibly beautiful, perfect rockin’ body, sweet as can be, smart, and dedicated — and you can’t dislike her for a second. She is just the nicest, most loving, devoted, and charming person out there (they do exist). She honestly created this program to inspire and empower women. She wants women to feel confident and fabulous through fitness.


Sylwia truly is a renaissance woman. A thinker, a mother, a wife, a dreamer, a writer, and more! AND LOOKING EVER SO FABULOUS AND CHIC at the same time. Who knew that this was possible?

Sylwia’s Tonique program has inspired people across the country through DVDs, webisodes, and its inspirational website.


She sells DVDs and ipod workouts on her website. They are awesome — especially if you don’t live in NYC. And they make you sweat! At home — in your living room!

Luckily, for those of us who live in NYC, she offers a class three times a week. And this class kicks your A$$. I mean, seriously, your tush gets worked so hard that you can’t move it later that day — let alone later that week. Tonique is a class that I hate but love at the same time. The workout is so intense and so all-body, that your muscles get the craziest workout. They literally wobble and shake. And then you have to look at Sylwia, with her sculpted and perfect body….

Rockin Ab work

Uh yeah, check out those ABS. I didn’t know stomach muscles could look like that…

Tonique is an intense workout that uses multi-directional movements which target every part of your body, working every muscle at every angle. Basically, a lot of lunges and squats with two-pound weights. And then some crazy-a$$ kicks here and there, some out-of-control jumps and hops. And then repeat five million times.

Tonique needs

All you need for Tonique is a towel, 2 pound weights, water, and commitment. OH, and heart and stamina too.

Hot Bod

If you attend her class, you have to leave your ego at the door, because you will SUCK in comparison to everyone else. Everyone wears itty-bitty shorts with their hot bods, but don’t be shy….they worked at it and earned it!

Her classes are currently held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 at Complete Body Gym. A long commitment, but it’s worth the time investment. You will not regret it for a second.


One of the bazillion and two variation of lunges.


And more kicks.

More kicks.....

And more kicks…..And not to be totally inappropriate, but Sylwia has TWO kids and her tush looks this good. I mean, really, doesn’t it make you want to attend one of her classes TODAY????

I first heard about Sylwia and Tonique through my good friend, Pamela. Pamela is one of Sylwia’s success stories and PROOF that her madness and methodology works. Pamela (actually Mrs. Natori’s old personal assistant at Natori for almost 5 years — before she had two kids of her own), although never big, was never small. And then, she started working out with Sylwia and doing Tonique, and WAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM, HER BODY is HOT!

Pamela Hottie Chickaroo

Barbie Doll Pamela.

Tonique TRANSFORMED Pamela, and can do the same for you, too! I swear! Tonique has been featured in Fitness magazines around the world (Sylwia is a native of my father’s homeland, Poland).

Fitness magazine

Fitness Magazine, October 2011. Sylwia modeling her moves, herself!

If you have any questions about the method, DVDs, or need motivation and words of encouragement, I highly suggest you send Sweetheart Sylwia an email or facebook message (“Like” Tonique or follow her on twitter at @sylwia_tonique). She will respond! And inspire and motivate! I promise! She wants to help you — even though she doesn’t know you! For reals. For more reading material on Sylwia, check out this article from Daily Single


Oh, lordie, this inspires me to go eat more cookies…

Until Wednesday, have a great day and MOVE YOUR BODY! (You can start by viewing her videos online here)

Anika Yael Natori, aka The Josie Girl.

Josie Girl


  1. Great blog! Question – what do you think of the videos? I’m always on the lookout for good workout dvds!

    • I LOOOOOVE the videos. You don’t expect to sweat, and then all of a sudden you look down at the ground, and there is sweat everywhere. I think they are wonderful. Sylwia has just worked on a ton of new videos too. If you have an idea of what you want to work on in mind, email her! She is the best!

  2. i am pretty sure going to this class would make me cry. you can do this when you are pregnant?

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