US Open 2014

Happy (belated) Labor Day! Can’t believe how fast the summer flew by….the only thing that keeps me from being depressed with the change of seasons / responsibilities / obligations / reality / back to NYC, is the fact that I spent a big portion of last week at the US Open! And I will be there off and on this week, too (including today). Nothing better than to mourn the end-of-summer with some tennis, sunshine, and my Papa’s company (a huge tennis fanatic who comes every year for the 2 week tennis tournament. THANK GOODNESS — his presence in NYC makes the transition back that much easier. And yes, I am 35.) Here are some pictures of last week. (Not shown: my sweaty, smelly nastiness post hot matches, the night sessions, the gallons of water I consumed to stay hydrated, my hour long subway commutes, and the mother’s guilt I had for leaving the kids.)


Blue on blue on blue. Blue tri-facto.

Blue on blue on blue. Blue tri-fecta.

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Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

I recently discovered gold. Not real gold, but a new coconut water brand. But this stuff is so pure, so real, so fresh, that it actually feels like I found a piece of gold. More like a pot of gold.

pot of gold

Pot of gold, aka a coconut.

I have always liked coconut water, as it tastes yummy, is hydrating and does a body good. But I have never loved it. That is, until recently, when I randomly tumbled on Harmless Harvest coconut water and I became an addict. One sip, and I was done. I needed more, my body shook for more, and I just craved it. NO JOKE.

coconut water

oh here it is.

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